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I'm all done

First I want to say I love the artwork before the manga starts. Not the shonen jump title page but the next page. It really details how far Ichigo has grown from the start of the series

Well we all knew Gin was going to die :<. I hate how Aizen has a purpose for everything such as having Gin around for the sole purpose of fear, although he didn't seem that sacred to me actually.

The flashback with Gin and Rangiku was really cute. It really shows how much he cares and loves Rangikue and vice versa. Rangiku just pulled a pre Shippuden Sakura rushing into the battlefield to cry for a loved one. That's sweet and all but she could have died right there and then.

Now Ichigo shows up but oh with the chains of his bakai wrapped around his arms. O HOW INTIMIDATING. Well we will just have to wait and see his new found abilities nex chapter Q_Q

By far the best Decide chapter....
Seigo Takahashi