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FFFFFFFFFFF It ate my post.
Anyway, my router had died, and a new one was coming in a week, and it came earlier than I expected, so I'm back :3
Oh, and if any captains feel like I should be punished for purposely breaking a rule, I'm fine with that (as long as it isn't something stupid like a permaban). Though since Zam seems okay with it...

Quote originally posted by Eternal Nightmare:
Well I'm out of school at the moment so yeah n n'. Obon is basically a festival where people go to guide there dead ancestor from the dead for a few nights of festivities and to spend time with there family. These ghost tend to live with a member of the family until the Obon is done and it time for them to depart again. Interesting yes
That sounds very interesting :3
Quote originally posted by ChaoSong:
Zenki is when Kenny removes his eye-patch and goes insane. :o Well, I got Zenki from Bleach The 3rd Phantom DS.
Is that what it's officially called?

Quote originally posted by ChaoSong:

:o Can we really say Zaraki is the strongest captain? I mean, there's still the really old captains like Unohana,Ukitake, and Kyoraku. Not to mention we didn't see all the captains at their fullest. :o Pretty sure, the three I listed have a bankai. I'd say Kyoraku is the strongest captain after Yamamoto. He did defeat the Primero Espada, not to mention he was already suspecting Aizen in TBTP arc. :o He might be one of the strongest and smartest. >: We've only seen Kyoraku fight like 2 times? Once against Chad and one against Starrk? Kenny however fought countless times (11th squad after all xD) oh the anime..yeah the zanpaktou invasion he fought against his zanpaktou.:o

If there was a Ukitake vs Kenny match. :o It'd be hell. Ukitake using all his kido while Kenny using his offensive hax madness. >:
Well, overall, Kenpachi is DEFINITELY not the strongest. I think Yamamoto, Aizen, Unohana, Shunsui, and Ukitake DEFINITELY (or very likely for Ukitake) beat him. The others, I think he might be able to fight, but not necessarily beat them definitely.

Pure brute strength wise, I think Yamamoto might be able to beat him. Not sure, Yamamoto IS an old man.

Quote originally posted by Pokestick, good times.:
Kenny could probably own even Yamamoto with his bankai, I think
Haha, true.

Quote originally posted by Pokestick, good times.:
Now, Just a random thought....
Bleach has changed a lot during the years, and the style is completely changed, IMO.
Is it to the better or to the worse? From my direction, the Bleach nowadays is just overpowered people killing each others, but that's fine I guess.
Bleach in the beginning was... art D:
Art wise, yeah, the earlier art was more messy, and more exaggerated with its cartoony bits (more big-eyed... "silly anime" style, if you know what I mean) whereas newer art is more sharp, clean, and more consistent (look at Rukia in chapter 1 and see what I mean).
Plot wise, the beginning was MUCH more silly and humourous... Probably because it didn't get really serious until Grandfisher, Renji and Byakuya come. Now, the whole Aizen thing... Yeah.

Quote originally posted by Zameric:
Well I like the Weekly Jump page, it was colorful and that giant paint brush Ichigo was holding reminded me of a friend's zanpakuto.
Yeah, same.

Quote originally posted by Zameric:
Also, are we still not suppose to know what happened to Rangiku in the past, or is it just me?
Yeah. Something happened to Rangiku, so Gin decided to become a Shinigami, and become Aizen's right hand man, for revenge.

Quote originally posted by Eternal Nightmare:
First I want to say I love the artwork before the manga starts. Not the shonen jump title page but the next page. It really details how far Ichigo has grown from the start of the series
Yeah, that was GORGEOUS.

Quote originally posted by Eternal Nightmare:
Well we all knew Gin was going to die :<. I hate how Aizen has a purpose for everything such as having Gin around for the sole purpose of fear, although he didn't seem that sacred to me actually.
Actually, I think it was expected of Aizen, and really seems to suit his character. Why have someone on your "team" if they didn't really serve a purpose? Like the Espada, they were meant to weaken Soul Society. Wonderweiss was meant to counter Yamamoto. Orihime was meant to bring in Ichigo and co. which would bring in some Captains, etc.

Quote originally posted by minchan:
OMGOMGOMG First off, IN YOUR FACE, Bleach Wiki!!! Rangiku's not dead!!! XD
They only said that because Gin said so...

Quote originally posted by Eternal Nightmare:
Has Kubo forgotten about everyone in Hueco Mundo or what? I think it would be cool if Rukia, Chad, Renji, Ishida, and maybe Orihime(lmfao) to help out in this final battle. I don't really think Ichigo can handle Aizen alone. Also the defeated captains and the ones in Hueco Mundo and Vizards when are they getting back into the scene. I hope everyone shows up just to overwhelm Aizen and kick his ass for goood.
Well, when the war was well under way, he brought in Wonderweiss, who I thought he forgot. Then Don Kanonji came, who was from SO FAR BACK. I don't think Aizen's forgot about Yammy/Hueco Mundo people, but something will happen (hopefully not something anticlimactic).

Quote originally posted by Zameric:
No, I think anyone else would probably just be getting in the way at this point.
Unless Orihime has possibly gained the will to reject Aizen.
But even then she'd have to over power his godmoding or else he could probably get out of it.
I really would not like Orihime to be a big part of beating Aizen... She's just been so useless throughout the whole show, so for her to come in at the very end and do something so BIG would, imo, be bad writing (or really blatant foreshadowing).

Quote originally posted by Live_Wire466:
hiya everybody, i already joined the naruto one, so i figured id join the group for my other favorite manga. XD


well i already had a prototype Zanpakuto in the works, so ill go ahead and finish working on it i suppose.
Welcome to the Bleach Fan Club! I am the Captain of the 12th Squad, I like Pokemon (...) though you may call me ILP/Ilpy/Aaroniero/Anternero/Ant/any other nickname.
Quote originally posted by .Wolfie-kun.:
I guess I'm the only one who wants

Ulquiorra to somehow come back and help kill Aizen
... Bleh. we can dream XD
As Zam said,
I'm a MASSIVE Ulquiorra fan. Him coming back would just be AWESOME Unless it was badly written.

And FINALLY, my own review of the chapter:
First of all, that page with all of the different stages of Ichigo is awesome. Especially if you look at his expressions, lol.

So as we thought, Rangiku isn't dead.

Anyone notice the thingy on Aizen's forehead? When was that there? o.o

So that previous shot, with Aizen and some peoples, and Gin saying "so that's the guy I have to--" was of him trying to finalise the Hougyoku.

And this Hougyoku, I'm assuming, is a fusion of his and Urahara's.

...Did he just rip Gin's arm off?

That flashback was really nice. Definitely gave some more incite on Gin's past and reasoning for being a Shinigami/joining Aizen. And it was shippy.

"What was taken from you" perhaps Aizen tried using the Hougyoku on her?

Ah, Ichigo's here! Which means, flashbacks (since he's NOT going to let us not know what happened) and the fight!
I see his chain's gone MUCH much longer. But his hair... It looks to me that it was more of an angle thing, not it actually growing longer. Though we'll see in the next chapter.
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