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Quote originally posted by Kamiya-chan:
Didn't Momo die? And Tosen, as well as the Espada?
Hinamori might still be alive. As for Tousen and the Espada, they're villains Yes, I know I said nobody, I meant none of the good guys XP

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:

Various limbs were lost, so we have that.
Maybe some of the people who took on Aizen died/survived.
Not all need be dead.

Our demands/expectations are getting a bit dark. XD
Yeah, Smile! has a list of people who lost their arms.
And yeah, we want DEATH!

Quote originally posted by RASENCERO:
Grimmjaw is most likely dead, he had his flashback and everything. The last time we saw him was what, two years ago? It would be lame if he survived.

Anyway, while looking stuff up, I found the reason for so few deaths. After Aizen owned all the captains; he said something like "I won't kill you. You're strong enough that those wounds probably won't even cause you to lose consciousness; so watch. Prostrate yourself helplessly and watch the battle."
He did has his flashback and everything... But I vaguely remember that after Nnoitra came, we saw a panel of him, slumped, but with his eyes open. i may be making this up, though.
Which reminds me, has Ichigo killed anyone? Purifying Hollows doesn't count (but Arrancars do). I know that Goku only killed 2 characters in DBZ (Yakon, the guy who ate his Super-Saiyan-light, and Kid Buu).

And yeah, that was one of the things I hated about Aizen. He said that he wasn't going to kill people.

Quote originally posted by smile!:
And it's not that no one dies in Bleach. I think ILP means no good character dies in Bleach. So far, only the bad ones.
For the good side, only Hinamori might be predisposed to death. AND if Unohana can patch a HALF-CUT person into a good shape again, I doubt why she can't heal a stabbed person. Unless, of course, Hitsugaya stabbed her in her heart, or some other vital organs, because we know that her ribcage has been ruptured prior to getting stabbed. Ouch.
Yeah, that was what I meant.
And if Hinamori is the ONLY good character to die... I will be annoyed.
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