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Quote originally posted by Smile!:
You better hope minchan doesn't see that. She'll kill you. XD
wasn't me
* whistles*
*flees the scene*

Quote originally posted by ILP:
Yeah, Smile! has a list of people who lost their arms.
And yeah, we want DEATH!
Seriously? where is it? I am curious now XD
Good it isn't just me I was demanding kills for quite some time, but these people just won't die XD being dark or not

Quote originally posted by ILP:
Which reminds me, has Ichigo killed anyone? Purifying Hollows doesn't count (but Arrancars do). I know that Goku only killed 2 characters in DBZ (Yakon, the guy who ate his Super-Saiyan-light, and Kid Buu).
I don't think so. In stead of killing he usually makes friends or something XD
Assuming his crazy hollow state doesn't count, otherwise he killed Ulqiuorra.

Quote originally posted by Kamiya-chan:
Toshiro lost an arm too, right?
More then just an arm, by the looks of it. A good piece of his left side got cut off.