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Pokemon Wood

Hack of: Pokemon Blue

Hi, I'm Sawakita and this is my first hack.

The story is set in a region called Durma; it's heavily forested and towns are separated each others by woods and caves, that are inhabited by creatures called Pokemon.
This region is bureaucratically organized in Prefectures that accentuate those divisions.
You live in an almost forgotten village, located on the borders of Durma; your family is poor and often is unable to pay unbearable and unfair taxes. So one day, governor's envoy come to arrest your parents, all happening in front of you helpless presence.
That day a spirit of revenge begins burning inside you, and you leave your hometown to conquer the social redress that you deserve.

* A new storyline
* A new region (new cities, new routes, new caves);
* Durma has its own Pokedex, with Pokemon taken from generation 1, 2, 3 and 4;
* New battle sprites, taken from all the four generations, for pokemon and trainers;
* Also backsprites are no longer "grainy";
* New trainer types (devamped from newer versions);
* New events;
* New scripts, completely re-written from scratch;
* Real Time Clock, including week days (some events will depends on the time);
* ASM work;



Programs used:
* HexWorkshop, a hex editor;
* Hexeccute, another hex editor;
* WoodMap (a program for mapping and repetitive tasks, programmed by me with the help of Darthatron);
* TLP, graphics;
* BGB, a debugger to check if ASM routines work fine;
* RGBDS, an assembler;

Public Releases:
None yet.

Special thanks:
IIMarckus, for his "disassembly base", and for answering all my questions when I wasn't self-sufficient, and allowing me being what I am now;
Mateo, for the 'Skeetendo forum' and its logo design;
SkeetendoBoard, for being "brainly stimulating";
Tauwasser, again for helping me figuring out things;
Ubitux, for moral support;

And I think that's all.

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