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Genevieve didn't know what to do. She just stared up at Neptune, terrified. Genevieve wished her father was home. He'd make this Empoleon leave. Shut up stupid, She thought to herself. Your dad left you. He didn't love you. Because of what you are.. These words made tears form in her eyes and before she could stop them, they rolled down her cheeks. i tried everything, everything to make him proud of me.. She thought sadly.

Genevieve was pulled from her thoughts as Neptune got off her. She took this chance to get away from him. Genevieve got to her feet and walked backwards, away from him. She kept going backwards until she was stopped by the wall. W-Why does he look so familiar? The tears had stopped, for now.

Genevieve looked at him as he spoke. "-Y-Yesterday?" Her voice was soft.

"Attacked?" She asked. That would explain why her head hurt so much and why her body hurt. Genevieve couldn't believe it. The forest was like a second home to her. She knew where almost every branch in there. How could she have been so stupid, to have been attacked in her own element?

When he told her about him taking her to the medical center, she eyed him. "...Are we friends...?"

She really didn't believe when he said he wasn't going to hurt her. Tears started to fall at the mention of her parents. She tried to stop them. Genevieve believed that tears were a sign of weakness. She stopped them a little bit. However, a couple still came. "My mom most still be in town... My dad, I don't know where he is....he left my mom and I when I was little.."
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