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Originally Posted by smile! View Post
Well, I didn't know what you meant by "old". XD Turn Back the Pendulum Arc was mainly focused on the Vizards, but they were the Captains back then. As for even older Captains, like Hikifune, and the previous Kenpachi, maybe or maybe not Kubo will disclose it in the future.
By mentioning them, I'm hoping that he'll go more in depth about them. Otherwise, it's quite... annoying, learning a tiny bit about a character, and nothing else.

Originally Posted by arceus03 View Post

They did reference him? o.o
My mistake, Shinji did.
Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
"A wild Ilpy appeared!
Minchan threw a rock.
The wild Ilpy became angry!
It used Bite!
Minchan lost her dress!
The wild Ilpy tore it up with Hyperbeam!
Minchan crept closer.
The wild Ilpy is watching carefully.
Minchan threw bait.
The wild Ilpy is eating the cookies!
Minchan threw a safari ball!
. .. ...
Congratulations! You caught an Ilpy!
Your Ilpy has been send to Kubo's Pc."
I lol'd too much.
Originally Posted by RASENCERO View Post
And Ilpy used eyeliner dressed up like Ulqiuorra.
It was eye shadow, thankyouverymuch.

Originally Posted by -Lapras- View Post
Indeed, the only difference is the voice recording comes first in US cartoons. This is because they animate the mouth differently, Japan take budget and time saving measures there and use flaps.
Which I think is better in general, because it allows for easier dubbing (you just have to make the syllables fit the mouth flaps, which is easier than with mouth flaps like "O". Does that even make sense?).
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