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Originally Posted by -ty- View Post
How do you feel about self-proclaimed "straight-acting" gay guys who go out of their way to explain or show that they are manly, not effeminate, and even show disdain for transgender related things? Are they trying to seem less pejorative?

I tend to like more masculine men, but I think it is a MAJOR turn-off when they go on to say that they don't look or appear gay, and they hate how other gay's flaunt their sexuality by acting effeminate. I think that like other minorities, this group wants to put another group beneath them. We see it with other minority groups. I think that it reveals a lot of insecurity with the person's sexuality. I have not seen much with lesbians though. Has anyone heard of "straight acting" lesbians? Lipstick lesbian doesn't necessarily mean that they are actively against masculinity in woman. I guess us gay guys are more b**tchy and mean to each other, haha.
I don't think you can really call that a 'group'. There are just a huge number of different personalities one can have, and being gay really doesn't change that, even if it does conflict with the general gay stereotype. I think that may be part of why people are like that too. They dislike the stereotype, and people who prove it to be true.

Side note:
I've noticed something rather annoying recently. Kids know nothing about Gays. At all. Every single one I've heard talk about the subject either knows absolutely nothing about it, or is extremely homophobic. Usually both. I know they're just kids, but that really reflects badly on their schools/parents. I don't really have a specific question based on this... it's just something that I noticed that annoys me.