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No, no, guys its okay. xD
I can just make up a mentor/student team myself, and still tag along with you guys~ :3

Meanwhile, Fuyu is typing the IC, so I'll give you guys the pairings. :D

Jennifer Atlantica
, is going to be mentored by Miharu Mizushima (this is what you guys requested, right? xD)

Seria Clover, is going to be mentored by
Jayvn Gi(which this was totally random~ :3)

Jack Spark, is going to be mentored by Erik Aizuh(again, random!)

Nai, is going to be mentored by Jackie Belrose (which I know my character was supposed to be mentoring Fuyu's character, BUT, I guess I can play as a team myself. :3)

and finally: Jeffery Anderson is going to be mentored by Diamond's character (he said he'll make it tomorrow anyway, sooo... :3 But if he doesn't, I'll still make a mentor character and, and mentor him~)

If you guys want to still make characters, feel free~ :3


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