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Originally Posted by Astinus View Post
Oh, people can definitely post other works that aren't just Pokemon, whether they're for other fandoms or original works.

As for recommendation threads, every once in a while, someone might make a thread in the Writer's Lounge subforum asking for people's recommendations. Most people post Pokemon fanfics, but some people post for other fandoms. It's just more difficult to recommend fanfics for other fandoms because it needs to reach fans that not only like that fandom but also Pokemon in order to be here.

So there's no official thread for recommendations, but if you feel like making one that can encompass all fanfics and not just Pokemon ones, you can. And maybe the mods will decide to make an official one that's more organized.
Cool that might sound great! Um.. do you know if there's a thread that's for published literature recommendations, too? Maybe the thread could be about good reads? .. but I am not sure if other entertainment already has something like that.

Um.. I think if I am going to go through with an official one with JUST fanfiction and not published lit.. the front page can be listed as 1 section for pokemon, subsectioned perhaps by a couple headings (adventure, romance, comedy) or something.. (cause it's most popular) and the rest can be alphabetical by series name?

What do you think? Should I first make it and then PM it to mods in this section.. or should we discuss it first?
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