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Well I stopped playing Symphonia, cause that little voice in my head says to finish Xillia. Which I did, with like 7000+ Grade :D I feel I accomplished alot in Xillia. :3

Also, this month Europe gets Tales of the Abyss for the first time :D Yay for them!

Imma start to play Symphonia again :3. I also wanted to change my theme back to my favorite Tales Character. Oh SOPHIE~CHAWWWN!!!!!!!<3 (did a little one piece reference there :3)

[EDIT] - I found this at the Tales Facebook Fan Page not my picture haha. Looks like Namco gave us the date finally for Abyss 3D, never really said it on a website, they kind of just gave it to us on the back of a Instruction manual. lol. So 2.14.2012...Valentines day haha wow.