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Originally Posted by DarkDoom3000 View Post
^ It's probably just inspired by pokemon
they don't need all the pokemon types, using a different typeset would be better; make it more balanced and remove some of the more useless types like ghost, bug, poison, dragon etc.

Thoes sprites are absolutely amazing; looks very neat. I rock the android, but good luck nevertheless.
yeah.. agree with that, i've probably gone too far, but i do believe classical 4-elemental typeset is "non-pokemonish".
BTW, if there is a new typeset, i think it'd be great if each style has it's own strategy and specific attacks. I mean, if there's something i relly didn't like from gen V is the fact that EVERY type got attacks with almost EVERY base power... c'mon! in order to make it fun you need poison attacks to act slowly or normal attack (that are not strong against any type) to have the greatest base power or stuff like that. If that doesn't exist, strategy is reduced to type-against-type choices.

Please tell me if i didn't make myself clear, my english can be confusing
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