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Alan now started freaking a bit. How timid was he anyway? The girl, Latias in disguise, looked at Alan. "Wh-who are you?"

She only giggled & walked up to him, looking at the bandages on his head. "Oh my. Did you hit your head or something? You really should be more careful." Spike chuckled at this show This was really funny as Alan was being fooled so easily. Was someone gonna join the show next? If only Spike had popcorn to enjoy this, but it was still too early for food.

Kirlia finally woke up & yawned, rubbing his eyes. He smelled something delicious & noticed the bacon. How hungry he was since yesterday, he walked up to Spike & nudged on his shorts. Spike, can I have some food?

Spike looked at Kirlia & smiled, or smirked. It's hard to tell what type of smile he was doing. He grabbed another piece of bacon & gave it to Kirlia. "Here you go." Kirlia took a bite & munchedon it. He really enjoyed this taste & he smiled to show how much he loved it. Spike focused back on the 'show' since this was still funny to him.

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