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Quote originally posted by TwilightBlade:

@ChaosSonic: Welcome! I love your username. I wish I had it, haha. You have quite the variety of favorites. Good picks! I remember waking up early to watch Sonic X. I get the chili dog, grapes, and cucumber sandwiches references! -accepts free food-
Quote originally posted by SomariFeyWright:

Thanks ChaosSonic! Reference food is my favorite food!

*starts eating all he is given, and washes it down with grape juice*

Now then...

What is your favorite Sonic Game? Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
Super Tails. 'Nuff said.

Are you going to purchase the re-release of Sonic CD? Yes. Just... yes.
Aw, thanks! And yes, it's a spiffy username if I say so myself :D

I can never single out one specific thing about the franchise; if I need to list what I like, it a varity of different things - music, games, levels, etc...

And yes, I remember watching Sonic x as if it were a tradition, not only that, I personally love Underground and have watched some of AOSTH and Sonic SATAM as well.

Oh, and yeah, that scrapped level was supposed to be called 'Desert Dazzle', and a boss called 'Final Fever'. If you remember a small section of desert on the original game's loading srceen of the level map.

Also...there's enough chili dogs, grape juice/soda and cucumber sandwiches for everyone! Don't fret!

One more thing...make sure you all CHECK OUT THE CONSOLES! WHOA!
If you like SEGA (especially for their music, RadioSEGA is the place for you. Make sure you leave your shoes at the door we don't want no dirt up in here.
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