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Originally Posted by TwilightBlade View Post

@ChaosSonic: Welcome! I love your username. I wish I had it, haha. You have quite the variety of favorites. Good picks! I remember waking up early to watch Sonic X. I get the chili dog, grapes, and cucumber sandwiches references! -accepts free food-
Originally Posted by SomariFeyWright View Post

Thanks ChaosSonic! Reference food is my favorite food!

*starts eating all he is given, and washes it down with grape juice*

Now then...

What is your favorite Sonic Game? Sonic 3 & Knuckles.
Super Tails. 'Nuff said.

Are you going to purchase the re-release of Sonic CD? Yes. Just... yes.
Aw, thanks! And yes, it's a spiffy username if I say so myself :D

I can never single out one specific thing about the franchise; if I need to list what I like, it a varity of different things - music, games, levels, etc...

And yes, I remember watching Sonic x as if it were a tradition, not only that, I personally love Underground and have watched some of AOSTH and Sonic SATAM as well.

Oh, and yeah, that scrapped level was supposed to be called 'Desert Dazzle', and a boss called 'Final Fever'. If you remember a small section of desert on the original game's loading srceen of the level map.

Also...there's enough chili dogs, grape juice/soda and cucumber sandwiches for everyone! Don't fret!

One more thing...make sure you all CHECK OUT THE CONSOLES! WHOA!