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Gad Sylvanhart
I Take A Call From Adriane's Dad

Spheal seemed to be having a really good time with Mew. Spheal was restless, it wouldn't stop messing around with Mew. At first, it examined Mew's body from head to tail, then it started messing around with Mew's tail, wrapping it around itself to keep it warm. It was still a baby, curious of the world. It probably had no idea it was playing with its legendary ancestor. "Spheal--eal!" It said, as it unwrapped itself. It then used its flippers to mount up Mew's back and onto its head, as it had seen Mew do with Adriane. It was pretty cute. It felt like it was at the top of the world.

Meanwhile, I felt like I was down to the bottom.

Suddenly, a ring came from somebody's phone. I searched my pocket for my phone, but it was not the one ringing. (And that was certainly not my ring tone) It was Adriane's. "Got someone on the phone." I asked. I was ready to leave Adriane to her privacy, when she said "It's dad." I turned around, stunned that he would call now. I wondered if he knew about the Legendary Rebels stuff. I glanced at Spike, he seemed very upset that the man was calling, like he was ready to explode or something. I would've laughed at his face if I had not been so angry myself. While I couldn't say I was as angry as Spike, I was pretty upset. "Ok what the fudge do I do Spike!?" Adriane asked, in a panic. I wanted to suggest something, but it was Spike's question and Spike's answer. "Pick up. I wanna see what this sh** head sounds like. Put it on speaker." Spike grumbled, angrily. Wow, now he was even starting to intimidate me a little. Adriane hesitated. I sighed, and snatched the phone from her hand. "He's not worth it, let me." I announced. I pressed the speaker button and answered the call. "Hello?" I said, in my most gruff possible voice. Although I didn't think the guy would be intimidated.

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