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Quote originally posted by ikaroschase:
i think some of them would be fine (: how about choosing a few first, let's say 5? then when there are more members we can take a vote to decide the next few starters available

Mmm... so cute! Starters are awesome, don't you think so? I think we might want a Starter Fanart Gallery or something... XD

Quote originally posted by PokeGirlJade:
Name: PokeGirlJade, but you can call me Jade!
Starter Pokémon: Clive the Snivy and Spark the Cyndaquil <3
Why would you like to join the club?: I always become the closest the the starter Pokemon in my games, and I love them so much~
I guess a lot of people have the same reason for joining the club, no? Welcome to the club! We do loooooooove starters. XD
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