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Instead of training in the Dreamyard, I decided to just take the gym head on. I only had Venus with me. They gym set up was pretty cool. You had to step on the button the weakness of the element shown. I plowed through the gym trainers with Venus and finally reached the green haired guy. I was ready to battle and then 2 other guys jumped out from behind him. One with blue hair and one with red hair. They said that they would choose who I would battle depending on my starter Pokemon. I had to face Cilan (green hair guy). His Lillipup was easy enough to take care of, but his Pansage gave me a little trouble. In the end, we won our first gym battle and received the Trio Badge! It was a great day for us. :D

As I left the gym I ran into a scientist named Fennel. She dragged me to her house and gave me the HM Cut! I immediately taught Venus because I knew it would be useful later. Fennel then asked me to visit the Dreamyard for to find Dream mist.

To be continued...
3 BD - Editing this later with more stuff. :3