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Originally Posted by Kamon137 View Post
I replaced Castform's sprites using the Advanced Pokemon Sprite Editor, and now I'm having an issue--the alternate forms are completely black. Looks like something happened in regards to their palettes, and I'm not sure what to do to make them use their original palettes.

For reference, I didn't alter their palettes at all--the new sprites share the old palette, which fits perfectly. But I don't know what to do to make the alternate forms use their old palettes again.

Any chance someone could run me through some steps to fix this?
Did you check all the sprites in APSE for Castform? You never know, the pallate may be the problem.

Originally Posted by EdensElite View Post
My ROM stopped working in Amap after I installed DNS, it works on 1.92, but when I try to load it in 1.95, it says "Cannot read bytes behind end of file. How can I fix this?
The way it sounds is as if the Rom has been slightly expanded, e.g. no longer 16 MB, but maybe something like 16.1 MB or something. You can check by opening it in a hex editor; the file should stop at 0xFFFFFF

Originally Posted by drpepper111 View Post
Where can I find a program that allows me to edit the pokemon of trainers in Fire Red?

I have not learned scripting for the trainer's pokemon if it exists. A link to a tutorial or tips on how to do that would be welcome.
There is a tool called Advance Trainer, which allows you to edit pretty much anything about the trainers. As for scripting a trainer, use the following format:

trainerbattle [type of battle] [trainer number in A-trainer] 0x0 @challengetext @textwhendefeated.

The last two commands vary depending on the type of battle. 0x0 uses the two shown above. 0x1 is for gym or rival battles, uses an additional command after text when defeated, the pointer to what should happen after a battle. 0x4 is for double battles, and uses a different command after textwhendefeated, which would be what the trainer says if you only have one Pokemon. There are others, but for the sake of time, those three should be fine.

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