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Kilik Chambers

These conversations were nice. They were soon dismissed when a bunch of dark clouds appeared out of nowhere in the sky. What the heck was that all about? It shouldn't rain this time of day, especially in the morning.

Mistress noticed the clouds & looked at it in aw. Was it gonna rain? It would've been so good with her Swampert form.

The clouds soon disappeared later, just like that. One thing came to mind. Only one Pokemon could make clouds like that, at least to Kilik. He managed to get Mark & Daniel's attention. Oscar too since he just came into the conversations. "One comes to mind. Zekrom." He's heard of legend back in Castelia, only from other cities. It was just legends. It's just a thought to Kilik, it may not be Zekrom. Maybe it could be.

"You don't suspect Zekrom is here on the island, do you?" He asked the three kids, Mark, Daniel, Oscar. Could it be...

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