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The girl explained that she’d do what Nicholas told her to, but in her own pace, which greatly appeased Al’. Sure, she might’ve picked a side in a conflict that would likely not end anywhere in the nearest future, but at least she stayed somewhat independent, just like Al’ had.

While they were both silent, Al’ lowered an arm to pick off a branch from the tree, rolling it between his fingers while glancing over at the girl in his half-lying, half-sitting position. She then decided to introduce herself as Alessa. Pretty name for a pretty girl, Al’ thought to himself, a small snicker erupting due to his thoughts.

He then sat himself up, rolling his head on his shoulders, his legs still wrapped around the branch they were sitting on, holding the smaller one in his hand, which he now used to scratch the side of his head idly.
“Alessa, eh~? I’m Al’, nice to meet’cha! As to what I’m doing… hmh…” he took a dramatic pause, lifting the branch to scratch the bridge of his nose before shrugging his shoulders with a carefree grin.
“I’m doing whatever I want to and feel like, I guess! Don’t like tying myself down for too long, so I sort of just go about, chatting with whoever I want to… and right now, that just so happens to be you~”

He flashed her another grin before tossing the branch to the side, leaving it to fall to the ground, his head tilting a little while his brows furrow, staring past Alessa, as if thinking about something.
“Hmh… though I –am- starting to get a little hungry~ What kind of food do you eat, usually? Just the usual berries and all that?”
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