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Quote originally posted by hydranoid0411:
Why is ho-oh in ilex forest?

Because in Rescue Rangers (the second Ruby Destiny game), Ho-oh is resting on top of Ilex Forest.

Quote originally posted by Monolito:
BTW Destine! Could you make catching ALL the pokemon possible? I know some pokes are exclusive to the side of the story you pick but I'd like to play a hakc which finally lets me catch all of its pokemon :/

By all, do you mean all POKéMON from the first generation to the latest?
If so, then no, I don't think I'll be doing that, for some POKéMON got replaced by gym leader and POKéMON mugshots.

If you mean all the POKéMON in the Hevah Dex, could you state the unavailable POKéMON (except for the obvious Breatherna/Deazone)...?

Quote originally posted by Mochorro:
I had a problem with my game. I saved the game in Rino and Zoey's house in Lustersand, and when putting the game again, I began controlling "Zoey" (The character I control is the one in the bottom left corner):

Fortunately, when you get out of the house, the bug disappears.

Thanks for the report.
It'll be fixed in the next version update.

Quote originally posted by Monolito:
BTW Bretherna and Deazone sprites are horrible! Bretherna especially. I can't bare to look at her ><

Sorry to hear that, but unfortunately, Breatherna's sprite stays as is, and the same for Deazone.

Quote originally posted by U_Flame:
Wait, can't you come up with different sprites for them then? Or are the names also copyrighted? What about four completely different Pokemon for the same role?

They're not really important for the time being, for I don't think anyone offered to remake Rescue Rangers.

Quote originally posted by Monolito:
After going to Gento I have to say it's pretty bad. No real goals to achieve, just a bunch of people whining bout the catastrophe. Boring if you ask me :/ I hope it gets filled with some new interesting stuff soon. After beating the league the game itself gets pretty empty I'd say
As for the machop guy he's probably outside the League building or maybe an island close to it.

Gento is only for show. No real goals are planned to be added there, unfortunately.
Thanks for informing me about the Machop dude. I'll fix him later.

Quote originally posted by Eriah:
I would think Ilex Forest is just a place to visit, like the rest of Johto are in RoL and LoG, and has no real meaning. The reason you could get Lugia is because he has a part in RoL and thus is obtainable in the Whirl Islands. I wouldn't expect Celebi to have any part in the game, though it would be interesting to run into him there.

Ilex Forest's real purpose in LoG is for you to capture Ho-oh.
And Celebi will be in the next version update, but her only purpose is to change the ingame time.

Quote originally posted by hydranoid0411:
Why isn't there celebi in ilex forest

Celebi will be in the next version update, and she'll be in Bug Forest, but her only purpose is to change the ingame time.


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