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Summer's here! I'm lacking colour! I should really go out and get some exercise! I'm unemployed!

Everybody chat!


• Try to go with the current topic! This isn't a thread where you just randomly post anything. Whatever others are talking about is what you should be talking about - let the topic make its own way rather than changing it randomly.
• This is not a welcome thread! We're happy for new users to contribute here, but if you want to post an intro thread, here is New Users / Welcome.
• Keep section-specific discussions to their own sections! Light chat about stuff which belongs elsewhere is ok, but don't go into a huge discussion about competitive battling, Pokémon Anime, etc. when they have their own sections elsewhere on PC.
• Keep up! Don't ask what the topic is. Look back over a page or two and figure it out for yourself.
• Don't flame, troll, or harass. This is a light-hearted thread but it still follows all PC rules.

shiny new rule exemption: you are not required to post 25 characters and 4 words in this thread. However, in all other threads in this section, the limit still applies. I must stress though that all other rules apply and this exemption is not to be abused for the sake of it or for postcount farming.
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