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Nooo I can't believe I missed two weeks of this already. I really have to allocate more time for this. D;

I've read the first three assignments so far though! I enjoy the series quite a bit, it's got a better way of explaining the universe compared to the anime, and Ash seems more mature than his anime counterpart. And speaking of maturity, some of the female characters certainly look more, er, pronounced than they should be. But generally it has the anime's general plot, a few scenes almost copied, and shares its humor, which is certainly different from what I was used to in PokéSpe. I liked how the creator adds more elements of his own, while varying a few like the concept of the Pokémon League being different.

Now since this week is the third assignment I'll go in-depth on that.
First thing that struck me, the Rank system for ease of capture in this universe sounds like a cool idea, what with the gauging of trainer skill through one's catching. See this was what I was talking about with the added elements. :) Although Mankey and Beedrill being Rank D? Seriously? They're not as easy to find in the games. :[ Anyway.

The short flashes of Ash's memory are also a nice touch, imo. :> Like his inner motivation is more illustrated here than in the anime, and I like that. Oh and Pikachu is considerably less mean here so that's one less thing he can get distracted about. And Ash apparently likes going solo here, much like Red in most of the media he appears in.

It actually takes them weeks to spot the Clefairy, so that's something different! Oh and I agree that Professor Oak's and Bill's designs here are considerably different, idk, they seem more personalized? Again the artist takes his liberties in the design. Prof. Oak certainly reminds me of Prof. Birch with how he acts here, and it's pretty refreshing.

All in all, I liked the chapter. Bill's little back story was cute.