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Restarted Platinum again, and here's my details.

Trainer Name/Gender: Nichole, Female
ID No.: 51591
Time: 0:27

I started my journey with this guy:

Chimchar "Ichiru" ♂ Lv7
Rash nature
Somewhat vain
- Scratch
- Leer
- Ember

Yeah, this is the first time I'm nicknaming my team.

Lucas gave me 5 Poke Balls, I'm going to try and catch a Starly for my team.

Caught my first Pokemon, this girl here:

Shinx "Lumina" ♀ Lv3
Impish nature
- Tackle

I might use her for a bit until I find something better.

Now, caught this guy as well. Might use him as an HM slave:

Bidoof "Nutty" ♂ Lv4
Hasty nature
Likes to thrash about
- Tackle

Now, looking for a Starly... and I caught this one:

Starly "Korra" ♀ Lv2
Rash nature
Keen Eye
Somewhat vain
- Tackle
- Growl
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