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Dorian Dammer

Dorian giggled as his best friend leaned her head against his left arm, and couldn't help but blush a bit more. He avoided eye contact with her and had been doing that since he grabbed her hand. His heart was beating faster, and he didn't know what to say.

"Y-Yeah...Hehehe...Tell that to the Radio Station." he said and giggled awkwardly.

Then it was time. They had reached the entrance, and Dee Dee flashed both tickets to the sailor. In order to make the entrance more comfortable, the boy grabbed a Pokéball from his belt and returned Marc, the paranoid Grovyle, back inside of it. The Pokémon was reluctant, but there was nothing he could do about it. And, not long after Dee Dee and Ayame got on the boat, a loud sound was heard and Dorian could feel the ship moving. It had set sail, finally.

Now all that there was to it was to enjoy the boat ride. It was likely to be one that Dee Dee would never forget. And as he stood next to Ayame, he glanced at her and smiled. His blush was starting to fade, but soon after that he realized he was still holding her hand and quickly let go, the blush returning.

"So, um, here we are! Hahaha!" he said, "What do you wanna do?"

He turned to avoid eye contact with Ayame, and got an idea.

"What do you say we, um, go check our cabin?" he suggested, "It must be a very cool one, I mean, look at this ship."

From the tone of his voice one could tell he was trying to avoid silence, and that he was nervous about something.
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