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Quote originally posted by Vato:
EDIT: While grinding in Route 1, I found a Lv.11 Pidgeotto :O
I managed to catch it before it finished crusing my team of Lv.5-10 Pokes.
I'll give it a well deserved nickname: Killer!
As DJG mentioned, it's one of the easter eggs =D
Try to find level 15 Zangoose in the next route and you can have true killer =D

Quote originally posted by jstolze:
Nice hack, DJG. How long did it take to make this? I ask because it was only posted earlier this week, so... Imagine what can be accomplished in another week. Or did you wait until you had a playable beta to post this?
You need to read
Quote originally posted by DJG:
if I'm dead bored, instead of doing nothing, I hack. I started this hack on mid-January, 2012, by the way...
Something like that cannot be done in one week even if you were to hack 24/7.

Quote originally posted by dyee:
The guy trying to find a Natu is telling me that a girl inside the cave will give me Flash. I can't find her anywhere. Am I the only one stuck with this?
She's inside. You need to move forward and you will meet her because she's blocking the way.

Quote originally posted by dyee:
And by the way, you guys are all getting different starters from the Eevee exchange. I got a Torchic.
It seems it depends on when you go there :D
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