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Quote originally posted by rainerman3:
Would you like to have the next set of starters to have a common theme?

If you mean like a music theme then YES PLEASE! It would be pretty cool for the starter pokemon to have a music theme!
A common theme, like how every starter have some sort of musical theme... or how every starter is a *insert object/idea here*... yup, that kind of theme! I wonder how musical the starters could get by itself, by the way.

Quote originally posted by Cosmotone8:
That would be pretty cool if that's what you mean. Though I'm not sure how that would work. Could you please specify a bit more Twiggy?
(See the above reply)

Quote originally posted by Snowdrop:
Name: Snowdrop, but you can call me Mer or Skitters.
Starter Pokémon: Chikorita, and her name shall be Meadow. Oh, you're allowed to take 2? In that case, Skitty was a started for Pokemon Mystery Dungeon, so shouldn't she be on the list? Anyways, if you can get a Skitty then I'll name her Lavish. If you can't get a Skitty then a Shinx named Rune.
Why would you like to join the club?: Basically for Chikorita lol. I just like discussing Pokemon in general.

I'm going to answer multiple topics.

Would you like the next set of starters to have a common theme?
...? What kind of theme? They already share a common theme. I just want Nintendo to stick with tradition lol. If you mean musical theme, then that would be rather interesting I guess.

Assume the next game only has one starter.

It would depend on the Pokemon released at the time. It'd have to a unique Pokemon like Eevee. In fact, Eevee would actually be a perfect candidate.
*is not sure on "common theme"*

Eevee, huh? Maybe this would be time to leave the final evolution to the player's hands... but Eevee's also pretty old.

Quote originally posted by rainerman3:
Hello Snowdrop, you do know you didn't have to fill out any form? You only had to answer a topic.
Hehe, but that's something not to worry about, right?
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