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Deandra Maycomb
Age: 14
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Gym Battle Pokemon: Butler (Aipom)

Cinnabar Island

Deandra nodded when she took her Pokedex and was given a flow of information about this-and-that. When Ambella Coal finished and wished her good luck, Deandra gave her thanks. She looked left and right, seeing who was here and who left. Everyone seemed to have dispersed except that fat kid and the guy with the Zigzagoon. Trying to remember everyone's face, she was sure all of the trainers here were older than her, except Auryn, of course. Speaking of Auryn, where did she go? She'd been given a wave before she went off, but Deandra's little information catch up must have given her enough time to get off too far to see. Deandra wondered if maybe she'd catch up.

She looked ahead at the volcano that framed the scene. She'd have to go over there? There was something about volcano that didn't seem like the safest thing to her, and the way Butler ran around... Deandra, in a half-struggle with her Pokemon, managed to take out the ball from her pack and return him. This may have been the second time in years that he'd been introduced to it. She knew he wouldn't like it, but she didn't want him to accidentally stumble into a lava puddle. With a half-glance at the remaining people, she started on her path towards the area.

Here, it was hot (obviously), hotter than it was when they were by the lab. She tried to ignore it, but... Deandra took off her jacket, tying the arms around her waist so she wouldn't have to put it up. The volcano was surprisingly calm at its base and of an interest to observe. While there was nothing going on in its rock face, she'd never looked at a volcano, or this volcano, up close. The simple fact that it was a volcano made it cool and anything that lived around it cool. Not many people got to say the first Pokemon they caught lived by or in a volcano, but Deandra herself was no particularly interested in capturing Pokemon. It was asked of her though, so she figured she may do it. In her walk she was surprised by the amount of grass that was around, but didn't make much of a comment on it. By this time she had managed to isolate herself and felt more at ease than she did when she was around a bunch of people she didn't know.

The area was pretty quiet, save for the occasional noise from a Pokemon or the rustle of leave or screaming girl. The whole scene was surprisingly peaceful and... And... Wait. She said she heard a screaming girl like two seconds ago right? Deandra, alarmed, looked this way and that. Was that...? She hoped not. She hoped for and dreaded another scream that would point her in the right direction. She stayed in place, listening for that tell-tale noise. Sure enough, it came. Hoping and praying that she didn't change direction, Deandra ran in the directions of the scream. It sounded close but in her running she must not have been close enough, because she didn't see anyone. Becoming larger and larger ahead of her was a forest--no, a jungle--that, frankly, Deandra didn't want to be in, especially if someone was dragged in there screaming. But what choice did she have? If she ran back for help who knows what would happen? She may even forget exactly where this was, so she pressed on. Being inside the jungle didn't make her feel safe, but that didn't prompt her to take out Butler. She'd rather get snatched up than have him taken by some shadowed Pokemon. Another scream hadn't come, which worried Deandra. She was beginning to think she'd lost her way or was perhaps too late.

Her only light of hope was a fish Pokemon ahead of her in the jungle. A Remoraid. Auryn's Remoraid.
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