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^^But I feel like that would fit in here. I see Other Chat and Discussions as a place where debates on peoples rights, news, current events, laws etc. so anything whose focal point is entertainment would be here. And I always saw Other Voting Polls as a place for pols/surveys about people's life and their lifestyle, their personality, features about their life - not what their favorite football team is. That's my take at least.

Quote originally posted by Scarf:
Why not just call it the Pop Culture forum so we can have PC in our PC?

And the walking dead? Have they made a zombie TV show? Ugh. There's already too much zombie-media at the moment and with Halloween coming it's just gonna get worse.

That's what I used to think at first too: "Ugh, not another zombie thing, zombies are the next vampires, let's get over this trend already..."

But then when I watched it, it's less about the zombies (which are called walkers (it sounds less ridiculous/magical to me at least)) and about the people's reactions. It's almost like Lord of the Flies, how some people try and keep everything normal, how a leader emerges, how some go crazy. And it's also a horror/suspense movie wrapped up in an hour long episode! It's really dark and intense.