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Originally Posted by Bond697 View Post
there are potential library functions for 6 or 7 different 3d modeling programs, but in bw2 only 3 are included in the engine: 3dsmax, maya, and something called xsi. so if that's what the files are, they likely started out as one of those.


Hm... interesting. Now that you mention about "something called xsi", that's actually SoftimageXSI. Which I have indeed looked all over Google for the version compatible with the Nitro Plugin I have, which is 4.0. It's impossible to find it anywhere on the web, unless there's someone willing selling theirs or something, wow... it just shows how many historical programs have been lost to the sands of time. Though I know the current versions of SoftimageXSI is made by Autodesk now.

So yeah anyways, wow I see some NNSi (Nintendo NITRO-System i) functions as well. Probably comes with the TwilightSDK, which hasn't been leaked.
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