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Name: Dalex (Actual name is Heptafladalex, but people shortened it)

Gender: Genderless (Though Dalex is okay with being referred to as 'he' for the ease of conversation))

Pokémon: Claydol

Personality: Dalex is a very calm individual who doesn't often express very powerful emotions. He tries his best to be of service to people, as he considers his reason of being to be helping others. Dalex might appear emotionally dead and without any worries that most non artificial pokemon would have. However, Dalex has trouble accepting that the race that molded him may be completely dead, and that he is one of the few remaining artifacts from that time. Dalex dislikes being any kind of liability to his team members, and will often be the first to offer himself for missions he considers too dangerous for others to risk taking. He feels some sympathy for the rebel kingdoms, but Dalex feels obligated to serve those who rescued him until he find his creators.

History: Dalex was found buried in the mud at bottom of a pond in the water kingdom. Dalex had deactivated himself when the home of the people who has created him flooded, and has been in such a state for at least 500 years. At first Dalex had trouble adjusting to being in a new environment, but slowly he is coming to term with where he is now, even if Dalex hopes that someday he will find his creators once again.

Dalex used to be a defender for his people, so the claydol has combat experience. However, it had been so long that Dalex signed up for some retraining.

What is the policy on the moves a pokemon can use? Is there a 4 move limit, or can they use anything as long as it is within their movepool?
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