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Yay the pony club is back. My favorite pony is..well one cannot simply pick a favorite pony, but if I have to choose one it'd be Fluttershy. Obviously my username is U_Flame.

Since people tend to hate bronies at my school, my brony friends and I send references to ponies in public through inside jokes. For example, in acting class, we had a short scene that involved my acting partner calling out to me, in te scene, I pretended not to hear him so responded with "louder!" To which he responded quickly, "yay". No one got it, but we were proud.

I must agree that Pinkie's Fluttershy costume that she randomly just had from nowhere (probably pulled it from her hole in space-time continuum) and Fluttershy's reaction was the best part.
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Originally Posted by drarixio View Post
Unbeatable Flame would make a pokemon trainer run outta breath in the anime:
Unbeatable Flame, Flamethrower.
Unbeatable Flame, Sky Uppercut.
Unbeatable Flame, this.
Unbeatable Flame, that.
Un*pant*beatable---Flame, hooollaaa
Un-un-un-un--bea-bee....*Pokemon trainer fainted*
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