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Gem Workshop
By agentgeo

The next tool for hacking the 4th generation (and hopefully beyond) has arrived!

I present to you "Gem Workshop," a tool designed with the ability to edit everything in mind.

Currently, the only supported games are:
  • Pokemon Diamond & Pearl
  • Pokemon Platinum
HeartGold and SoulSilver should be easy enough to add once I figure out the files.

The following features have been implemented to date:
  • Map Editing (mostly)
  • Header Editing
  • Text Editing
  • Script Viewing (working on compiling...)
  • Pokemon Editing (Base Stats., Evolutions, etc.)
  • Pokedex Order Editing
  • Trainer Editing
  • Wild Pokemon Editing
  • Growth Table Editing
It should be noted that these are not perfect, as the tool is still being developed.


Source Code?
In case you were wondering, I do plan on making this completely open source.
So, once I get the repository sorted out, I will be posting the link to it here.

Official Releases
Not yet!
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