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Quote originally posted by Flydro:
Kinda threw myself into the Roleplay Corner, but I wanna get acquainted with the RP community here and see what's up. I've been browsing since I first joined and saw that there were some cool stories going on (I really like that zombie roleplay). Forgot to quote the post but I really like the idea of a medieval pokemon RP. Sounds really original to me and it could go really far.
Great to see ya here at the roleplay corner! That's kinda how I got into roleplaying here...just gave myself a few days to explore actually it took me a year lmao. We're a nice bunch, and we're here to train ya if you need any help. Be sure to read dem stickies in this section so you can know the basics of how roleplaying works here on PC, and you'll be on your way. :)

There are a few roleplays out there that are taking spots, so why not check them out!
he needed something soft & loud, sweet & proud
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