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Jack Marrick

Age: 17

Gender: Boyguymanbromalepersondude

Weapon of Choice: A red kite-shield with gold trim and the Spade suit emblazoned on it. Also a double-edged hand-and-a-half sword a black grip, a gold hilt, and a pommel that looks like an emerald, though it's just made of ether like the rest of the weapon.

Element: Earth > Nature

Spells: Blood Ties: Jack's control over minerals is so fine that he can even manipulate blood through the minute amounts of iron inside it. His own blood can also be used as a conduit for his magical energy, including nature magic. This spell has many different uses, with the main ones being controlling anything that can have his blood inside it with his magic, or even rotting it from the inside, to empowering his weapons with his blood.

Entangled Power: Jack can rapidly grow plant matter - usually in the form of vines - from nearly any organic surface, including any of his own earthen constructs. These plants flow with magical energy through their veins the same way the mage who made them does, and they can also be reinforced with minerals as long as there is still room for what they need to live inside, so these plants are surprisingly resistant to both physical and magical trauma...most kinds at least.

Flashforge: Jack can shape metal, earth, uncontrolled ether - and in the right environment even plant matter - on the fly, altering just about any weapon or construct - physical or magical - with amazing speed and the precision of a skilled artisan working with their own hands. Unlike many others who can create things out of nowhere with their magic, Jack's creations are as aesthetically pleasing as they are functional. This is often combined with Arcane Service to make powerful golems.

Gungnir: Jack manipulates the magnetic fields around any conductive object allowing him to cause the object to start to accelerate exponentially on its own until it either hits something it can't pierce, or has been flying long enough for the field to fade. Accelerated objects can only fly straight once they've increased their velocity enough, but at later speeds the possibility or tracking is practically pointless, as nothing is likely to be able to move out of the way. If they have any kind of point or are small enough objects the spell is used on of course increase their piercing potential or and/or impact potential relative to their speed. Jack's favorite use of this spell is on a large ornate spear with a perfect steel representation of the spade suit for a head.

Appearance: Jack is a handsome individual but he's no Adonis , or jock for that matter. He is tall and wiry with light skin and deep green eyes that are somehow intense and kind at the same time. Jack is a healthy 6'2 despite having an average sized torso thanks to his disproportionately long legs. His hair is bright blond and curly, with bangs that curl down and stop right above his eyebrows. It goes to the bottom of his chin in the back and his side burns end just a few inches higher than the bottom of his ears. With a nose normal enough there's no point describing it, a well-shaped sort of angular face containing a complete lack of blemishes make for a pleasant visage. His arms are a bit more tan and have the only freckles on his body because he prefers to wear short-sleeved shirts even when it's cold. His arms and legs are strong and muscular from working at the smithy, but since he didn't do any real exercises he doesn't have 6 pack abs or anything.

Jack of course has more than one single set of clothes, but all of his pants are fairly plain blue jeans and he has a shirt he wears as often as possible to the point of practically being his trademark apparel. This shirt is covered in white blue and green (with more green than the other two) lines and squares forming a pattern known as "Plaid". Jack's plaid shirt is short sleeved with buttons that he usually leaves undone, as he almost always wears either a light blue or white T-shirt underneath it. His shoes are some sporty design of skater shoes incorporating mostly black and white, with little bits of red or goldish yellow trim here and there.

Personality: There's not really all that much to say about Jack's personality, it's still got a lot of developing left to do. His most outstanding personality traits are his friendly demeanor, charisma, and tendency to be curious about things he doesn't understand instead of being afraid of or hateful towards them. Jack is always doing something, no matter how small. He isn't hyper by any means though, just easily bored. Even when he's sleeping, he's dreaming, when he's not doing anything else he's at least humming, singing, or thinking very hard about something. He's usually pretty intelligent about most things, though there are a few subjects he falters in, or just altogether misses the point of. For instance while perceptive towards other Jack actually really doesn't pay much attention to himself or his actions at all. He usually thinks before he acts, but when he doesn't he's not likely to notice his mistake until it either blows up in his face or is brought up directly...or both, and although he's always willing to acknowledge his mistakes and faults if he's aware of them, the same can't be said of his strengths. The only times he ever seems to respond to or actually believe/agree with compliments are when it's in something he's had numerous examples of true success in, like his forging, or his use of magic. He's utterly oblivious to his good looks or voice.

The young mister Marrick is also pathologically nice. He's very rarely seen without a smile on his face unless he's utterly flabbergasted, terrified, or is daydreaming. He has almost nothing but kind words for people or, at worst most of the time some unintentionally scathing but lighthearted sarcasm. To actually get any genuine hostility from Jack someone either has to spend a lot of time chipping away at his positivity, or seriously threaten him or someone he likes. He's extremely passionate whenever he can find any interest at all in something, and the energy he brings to these things is nothing shrt of infectious. Having grown up working as hard as any farm boy he has a very strong respect and fondness for 'good ol' fashioned hard work'. His greatest passions are, predictably, magic and smithing. Thanks to these traits Vale is the perfect place for him to be happy and peppy nearly all the time. Sadly though, because of his near-constant argument Jack genuinely isn't very good at expressing other emotions. If he feels any strong emotion other than happiness or indignant anger he finds it nearly impossible to let it show, and just begins to act strange and withdraw from situations until an outside influence forces him to confront or admit his feelings. He generally has no problem being himself around anyone unless he finds himself crushing on a girl, when he does he becomes very shy. He also doesn't really know how to handle overt romantic interest from other people, either acting like everything is normal or becoming very flustered.

Jack's magic and his life around the forge brought on an interesting dichotomy in how he spent most of his spare time when he was younger. Although he didn't pursue it as avidly as smithing, Jack began to love plants and animals as soon as he discovered he had any nature magic. Whenever he wasn't doing chores or working with his dad in the forge he could be found practicing botany. He's not actually very knowledgable on plants, but he does love tending to them how he can. He seems to always be very in-tune with any animals when around them, and most of them are affected by his own feelings, leading to him generally getting along very well with them thanks to his positive demeanor. But they can also get easily agitated or scared if he is, leading to it occasionally seeming like the environment itself reacts to strong enough feelings from the boy.

The Marrick family is strangely enough one with little prior history of having mages, or really any involvement with magic at all. Daniel Marrick was very interested in traditional weapons growing up, loving stories of knights and adventurers but never paying too much attention to firearms. This interest never waned like so many childhood fancies do and led Daniel to read as many books on warriors and metallurgy as he could get a hold of, and once he felt knowledgeable he even got some basic metalworking tools. Perseverance paid off as it always does to anyone with a modicum of intelligence and after a couple years of pounding cheap iron into pleasing shapes and fixing nails and such for people in his basement for cheap Daniel was able to stop working boring regular jobs and get an apprenticeship under a professional blacksmith. Even though Blacksmiths nowadays usually just make simple metal tools and fixtures or at best knives for people thanks to more traditional weapons not being viable for every-day use Daniel's love of weapons that were aesthetically pleasing AND functional wouldn't allow him to stop thinking of them.

Daniel started to make his own custom knives and sell them on the side at some unknown point, both for extra pocket change and just to see if he could do it. At first his knives were functional, but nothing too pretty, not good for anything more than basic utility really but useful at least. Once he started to make a name and some money he could afford better materials and find better contacts to acquire such materials, and so as the quality of his knives grew so did his small amount of fame and his profit. After he became confident he could actually make a living as a Blacksmith Daniel thanked his teacher for all the help, resigned as his apprentice and offered to rent some of his tools and workstations every once in a while. He really enjoyed being around a good friend and already had a way to make tools and weapons for people, but his first and foremost goal was to get to a point where he could strike out on his own so he saved up to buy the exact tools and implements his teacher had piece by piece until he could furnish his own smithy.

Finally feeling he had the very minimum of what he needed to really be a blacksmith Daniel cleared out the first floor of the basement in the small house he'd inherited from his grandparents and set up his small smithy inside of it. Years went by and word spread that there was a blacksmith in a small town in Northern California who was not only talented but truly seemed passionate about his work, and even offered to make custom-ordered weapons for people who could afford it. It was slow going at first, and with most people who needed knives in his town already having come to him before Daniel still had to make his living off of common things like nails and regular tools, but every person that did order a weapon fed both his wallet and his skill.

Even later after Daniel had managed to get a hold of his own building so he could finally feel like his smithy was a real business someone quite important made their way to him. There was a man from England, sir Reginald Collifer was from a well known family and was a self-made business man, he never even accepted his inheritance until after his own company proved successful. He'd brought his daughter Carol who was the fencing champion at her school and was thinking of competing on higher levels, she wanted her own special foil and she had apparently asked to be taken to him. Marrick couldn't comprehend why on earth she'd chosen him, or how they had even heard of him. What better place to find someone to make a rapier or a foil than England, and especially why some only recently popular blacksmith in America?

The flustered young man certainly wasn't complaining though, besides the fact that he could expect good payment for such an endeavor Carol was the most beautiful women he'd ever seen, with an angelic face, full lips and perfect long legs that made her taller than he was at 6 feet. Daniel had an interesting idea, he of course not only made weapons but practiced with some of his own, he challenged her to a fencing match to get a feel for her movements so he could make a more fitting tool of victory for her. She agreed but despite his love of weapons he was a prodigy at making them, not using them, unlike Carol. In what seemed like an instant upon starting the match she had the end of her foil on the padding right in front of Daniel's heart, the second round was no different and just for good measure she swept his feet after the third and giggled at his failure. The moment the beautiful woman knocked him on his ass he knew she was "the one"

Courting is a long and difficult to describe process, so let's skip to the magic shall we? As you may have guessed by now Daniel and Carol ended up falling in love, and there's certainly a reason Daniel has the same last name as Jack does up there at the top. At some point Daniel discovered there was a reason everything he made, every piece of metal he shaped came out so perfect, so...exactly how he felt it should. One day when Daniel was making the guard on a particularly ornate and complicated cutlass somebody wanted for a pirate movie (why they wanted a real sword for a prop was beyond him, maybe for an extremely well-detailed model for a digitally added sword) He was scratching his beard (because as we all know all blacksmiths have awesome beards) and wondering how he was going to finish it. How could they ask for something so complex and expect him to finish it in only a few days? Obviously they didn't want it to be so authentic it could really kill people in a swashbuckling adventure but that just wasn't good enough for him, anything made by him absolutely had to be functional.

He was racking his mind trying to think how he would make such flowing and intricate bands of metal without them being as delicate as hot gold, he slammed his fist on the table next to the anvil and rubbed his temple. When he stopped gritting his teeth and opened his eyes he was astonished to see the guard shape itself exactly the way he thought it should be, all he had left to do was attach it to the hilt properly refine the whole sword in minute details. Daniel learned what he could about magic and found out that there were in fact people known to have magical abilities pertaining to minerals. He never really tried to learn any spells though, just went on as he always did, happy with the knowledge that some force was passively helping him put his heart and soul into his creations better than most craftsman could ever dream. At least the way he'd always seemed to feel what materials were right for specific things his whole life had a more concrete explanation now.

Things continued normally for a few more years until one day a cloaked man showed up at Daniel and Carol's home with a strange glowing substance in his hands he said that he'd heard of the smith's exploits, and had a new challenge to offer him. The substance was apparently no kind of ore native to their world, it was pure ether, brought over from the Liminal Isles after a strange Etherspawn that was like a gigantic tortoise with huge blades on its shell was destroyed. The mysterious visitor was a mage, and went on to say that ether was generally impossible to affect very much by mundane means, but that mages could shape it to their will with enough skill and proper technique, and considering Daniel was a mage himself as well as a smith, he should be a natural. Of course, by the time the mage finished his explanation Daniel had already set the ether down on the kitchen table inside the house and given it a good smack with his favorite hammer, breaking it in half with a giddy smile on his face. Daniel was completely amazed with the ether, it could be molded into any shape possible without the necessity of other materials to augment it, and it could reach almost any level of density or flexibility if balanced properly! The mage's attempts to explain that ether was only shaped by magic and there wasn't much point to using earthly tools were drowned out by the sound of Daniel's hammer when they finally got into the forge, and it wasn't long before he had a crude, but still functional mace. (Even if it was more practically just an etherstick)

Predictably enough, the discovery of ether and his ability to shape it really lit a fire in Daniel's belly, and began to devote as much effort to Ethersmithing as he ever did blacksmithing. Apparently mages with the drive to do something as mundane as making solid weapons weren't all that common, let alone those who already had the necessary skills, so it didn't take too long for Daniel to make a name for himself. Over the years he continued to work on both the mundane, and magical sides of his passion, it was by far the thing he cared most about in life after his loving wife.

Now on to Jack, the star of this sign-up sheet but ironically, not really of his own history section. This has gone long enough without him after all. In time Carol became pregnant with and gave birth to a baby Jack, Daniel noticed right away that the baby had his mother's beautiful eyes. Of course when Jack grew older and started to really come into his own body Carol was quick to point out he had his father's masculine jaw and shoulders, to which Daniel countered he had Carol's beautiful golden locks and grace. Whether it was because of a natural affinity for it or because he revered his father so greatly Jack was always watching him and glad for every opportunity to learn everything about smithing he could. Jack proved to have his father's talent for crafting metal tools, but even better it became clear before he was more than 8 years old that far surpassed his father in magical prowess. He could feel all the minerals and metals around him, and manipulate the ground, and even metals after enough practice. In time, Jack didn't simply make especially high quality weapons, he could make them purely by imagining how they should be and concentrating intensely in the presence of the proper materials. He could even make the metals and minerals more dense, stronger and more flexible than any normal person ever could even with good materials and a lot of folding.

Once Daniel saw that his son could make things purely with magic and materials, he thought it would be prudent to teach him a bit about Ethersmithing. The boy took to it right away, almost with the same level of passion his father had, and he gained skill in it quickly as well. By the time he was 14 Jack could actually make full-fledged weapons out of Ether, even if he couldn't make them into works of art like his father did. At the rate his skills were increasing, both in Ethersmithing and just general use of his magic, it didn't come as much of a surprise a few years later when Carol brought home a certain special letter. The ornate piece of paper absolutely made Jack's day and neither of his parents doubted his answer in the slightest. He began practicing with his magic in almost every bit of spare time he had, and as soon as it was about time for the new year to start the Marrick family headed down to Vale.

Other: Sorry everyone, the first title was a lie, Jack's really the resident harem MC
"Ever looking forward, ever thinking back. Everywhere you've been, everyone you've met was another step on your path, shaping your future even as they become part of your past. One must never discount the pieces that have made up your journey until now but to lose yourself in them would be equally great folly, instead let them hoist you up, carry you on until you find the strength to walk for yourself. So it is that I continue towards that endless horizon. Ever thinking back, ever marching forward, inexorable as the history that brought me down this road. This Lonesome Road."

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Julie Nguyen

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Weapon of Choice: Julie is a two-stripe Môn Sinh at Vovinam, a martial art taught both with and without weapons. She is most comfortable wielding a côn, which is a type of long wooden staff. She has also been trained somewhat with the use of a sword, cutlass, and knives.

Element: Air


Intermission: Flood the nearby area with a drug-like gas that causes drowsiness or, at stronger levels, can cause a deep sleep. Some side-effects include grogginess and blurred memory surrounding the event.

Dynamics: Sharply increase or decrease the volume of specific sounds or even stop sound from entering or exiting a small area. Used to amplify music, eavesdrop or grant stealth.

Staccato: A short burst of pressurised air that forms at the end of a limb or weapon to add a forceful impact to any blow. The pressurised air can also be shot outwards like a bullet or used to slow incoming blows. It can also be used to propel the user backwards.


Julie's frame is so petite and waif-like that she looks as if she could be blown away by a gust of wind. Her black hair is not quite shoulder length and always looks somewhat tousled. A long fringe frames her dark, slanted eyes, which are almost always hidden behind thick-rimmed glasses. Her small nose and mouth are only accentuated by the grim or anxious look that her face is often pulled into.

Although her skin has the warm tones of most East Asians, Julie is really quite pale nevertheless. She also tends to break out into rashes when stressed, which makes her somewhat self conscious about showing too much skin. For this reason she usually wears black jeans and boots, and a tank top or shirt over which she throws on her favourite black jacket.


People call Julie a worry-wart, something that she, well, worries about. She frets over big things and little things alike—her future, what people think about her, whether or not she left the tap running—which leads her to be a bit hyper-aware of her surroundings. If she encounters extreme circumstances, she will most likely freeze up with anxiety before either flinging herself into the first course of action that she can, or by having a panic attack. In this regard, she has very little forethought when it came to situations that require an immediate reaction.

Like most teenagers, Julie feels conflicted about a lot of issues. She doesn't quite know who she is or where she stands, and her self-identity flickers like a flame in the wind. Since she can't take the thought of letting people down, she often ends up moulding herself based on what she thinks that the people around her want. Because of this, she has quite a weak presence and an inability to stand up for herself. Although all she wants is to have people like her, her anxious nature means that she ends up being the one to nag people about things like homework or responsibility. People end up quickly tiring of her presence and either purposely or accidentally excluding her from things.

It is only when Julie is focused on something in particular that she manages to get in a zone where she can lay her worries aside. Puzzles, for example, are fantastic at calming her down, and as a result they are her favourite way to pass the time. Recently, to her own surprise, practising Vovinam can sometimes have a similar effect, though it is much more difficult for her to get to that head space.


Julie immigrated from Vietnam to the U.S. with her parents when she was five. They moved to Houston, Texas, where her aunt already lived. She picked up the local language quickly, as most children do. Her parents struggled more with it, unable to land anything but menial jobs for years; her mother even opening an illegal daycare so that she could earn money and still look after her at home. Eventually they saved up enough and opened a restaurant.

As the only child, there was always a lot of pressure and over-protectiveness that went into her parenting, probably more so than in most American families. This over-protectiveness and their desire for her to grow up learning about Vietnamese culture led to them enrolling her in Vovinam, a Vietnamese martial arts course. The values that were taught by her parents conflicted sometimes with what she learned in school and from media, creating within her this sense of duality; she was Vietnamese, and she was American. She was both, and neither, all at once.

To Julie, discovering that she was a mage at twelve years old was really just another contradictory part of herself that she had to deal with. She knew enough to know that it wasn't normal to be able to put everyone around her to sleep or soundproof her room at will. She was too scared to tell her parents, fully aware of their adverse reactions to new things or anything they didn't understand. For almost two full years she tried to forget about her capabilities, hoping that it would go away if she just ignored it for long enough. Eventually she grew curious enough to experiment with it, just a little bit, completely paranoid that somebody would find out all the while.

Soon she found herself using her powers to get herself out of trouble or blocking out the sound of a jackhammer in the morning. She'd even started guiltily “cheating” at Vovinam, creating little bursts of pressurised air to help her hit harder or soften blows.

Before they received the letter from Vale, Julie had spent most of her time on studying, playing piano, practising Vovinam and helping out at the family restaurant.

Other: Due to her background, Julie can speak fluent English, intermediate Vietnamese and even a little bit of French.

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Full Body

Violett Adélaïde Fürst-Shaw — 17

Weapon of Choice: Flüsterte Asche | A delicate silvery straight sword, not unlike an estoc or slender longsword in design, with weaving, snake-like patterns woven into the grip and base of the sword’s blade. The metal hilt further develops on these designs, with elegant bands beginning where the patterns end, curving downwards and weaving together to form a decorative hand guard. Horizontal grooves run up the blade in inch and a half increments, each segment possessing a few tiny sigils etched into the metal that glow brightly when the sword is channelled with magic. At the flick of the user's wrist and pull of a tiny thumb trigger the segments twist to form a serrated edge and then part, revealing a silver chain within, and transforming fully from a sword to a whip.


Element: Fire.

Burn For Me | Without having to manipulate fire directly, Violett is capable of generating intense heat at a distance. At its lowest levels this can burn flammable materials and liquify materials with a low melting point like ice or plastic, although with more intense magic behind it she can melt materials as resilent as some metals. By heating the air itself, Violett can create barriers of searing heat that are exceptionally painful to cross and distort the air around it making it almost impossible to see through them. At its produce a sizeable, if not particularly subtle, explosion.

Light My Fire | Using carefully applied fire magic, Violett can revitalise herself or others by accelerating their metabolism through heat. While it does not heal wounds it does provide the affected individual with a sudden burst of energy and further catalysation of hormones such as adrenaline to kill pain. There is an inevitable crash once the effects wear off, leaving the individual more worn out than they otherwise would have been, but in dire situations it can be a lifesaving trade off. If pushed too far it can leave the affected individual suffering from heat stroke, dehydration, nausea, and exhausion, which Violett sometimes intentionally induces as an offensive measure.

Love Hurts | Violett is especially skilled at channelling magic into objects, typically through her weapon Flüsterte Asche. At its most basic the blade and whip are made exceptionally hot and radiate an orange glow, but by using more powerful magics a strike of the blade or lash of the whip can send out an arc of searing hot air and flames, harming enemies from a distance beyond even the range of her whip.


Slender and svelte, Violett is armed with an hourglass figure and a pretty visage. With flawless, pale skin, full, pink lips forever curled into a slight, kittenish smile, and viridian coloured eyes, all framed by locks of thick, black hair that cascade down to her shoulders, each tress curling into loose spirals as they fall, Violett possesses a comely allure that she is all too aware of. Moderately tall, 5’9 without the aid of heels that she so often wears, Violett acts with a practiced air of confidence and grace, and is fond of wearing blacks and violets in her namesake, favouring form fitting black denim jeans and black leather coats, with dresses and skirts being far rarer and usually reserved for formal events.


Violett is a woman perfectly aware of her proficiencies, and while she is as refined, prim, and proper as she appears, she can be every bit as devious when she wants to be. She acts with precision and coordination, and when combined with her natural, flirtatious charm and confidence, easily tailors her actions and mannerisms to the situation, far more fluid and quick-witted than her element of fire might suggest should it benefit her. Despite that she has a playful streak, using that social finesse to toy with others in an almost cat-like manner, and enjoys using it to learn how others tick. Seeing herself as a queen bee, Violett is not above using that information for her own gain, and she has a knack for knowing more about people than she rightly should, although she would never be as brash or uncouth as to make it so obvious unless it served to entertain her further.


Violett was born in west Germany to two business-savvy entrepreneurs with just a little bit more money than sense. Her parents, one a heavily built German man, and the other a far more delicately built French woman of whom Violett is the spitting image of, they would be the inspiration for Violett’s goal oriented but still playful attitude, being proper but spirited individuals themselves, although her cunning is something she developed independently. Violett’s most recent memories prior to transferring to Vale are not from her time in Germany but in France, as her and her family moved across the borders to France some time before her thirteenth birthday, and it was here that she discovered that she possessed a particular adeptness for fire magic.

Her mother and father were both mages, a fire and a water mage respectively, who had both fought on the Liminal Isles honing their craft, spending their youths at a European training academy not unlike Vale, and they expected Violett to demonstrate similar capabilities, but until that day she seemed to have no magical power. The reveal was small, merely causing a candle light to quench and then reignite with a thought, but it was the first step in a routine of practice and patience, learning to harness her powers over fire with ruthless efficiency. Her mother managed most of her tutoring, being skilled in both the raw, intense, and passionate magic of fire herself and with ether weaponry, but she was not beyond learning from her father, a water mage of equal skill in both magic and arms, and blended the two styles and practices together to make a more unconventional method of casting fire spells, taking a more fluid and subtle approach than most might consider. All of this done while adapting to a strange new country which she did so impressively, navigating the social mine field that was life as a teenager with remarkable grace, quickly perfecting her French and English and developing the confident, graceful persona she so effortlessly flaunts today.

When Violett’s magic proved competent enough her father sought her out a professional tutor for her magic and commissioned her an ether weapon, blending the styles of his swordsmanship and his wife’s mastery with a whip to create a weapon that was both. The weapon was fashioned swiftly by a skilled craftsman from America and, already with practice in both sword and whip independently, Violett took exceptionally quickly to the new whip-sword which she named Flüsterte Asche. Her time training with a tutor was only short lived, however, as she soon received a letter of invitation to Vale Academy in the United States where she could train her magic alongside her other studies full time. Although her parents would have preferred her to decline the invitation and continue her practice at home, knowing full well the dangers that the Liminal Isles might pose, Violett jumped on the opportunity, knowing that not only could she only master her abilities with other mages to train with, but that the opportunities that came with education at one of the few magical academies were enormous, and began again to refine her rusty English.

Full Body

Morgan Ellis Wynne — 16

Weapon of Choice: Hearts of Morganite | Ether forged into four slender bands, the Hearts of Morganite are worn around Morgan’s wrists and ankles. The silvery metal glows softly and is gilded with a pinkish morganite in weaving patterns along its outer surface. These have no direct use combat, even if they are almost indestructible and can be used to deflect a blow in a pinch, and instead serve to streamline the mechanics behind most of Morgan’s spells.


Element: Earth.

Timid Soul, Unbreakable Heart | Eschewing traditional earth magic in favour of harnessing the sturdy, reliable strength of crystals, Morgan is skilled at shaping the material into an arsenal of weaponry and armour. By focusing this magic through his Hearts of Morganite, crystalline structures quickly form across Morgan’s body and take the shape of a pink-crystal suit of armour eight feet in height, decorated with feather-like formations and beautiful, swirling patterns. This acts to protect Morgan but also bestows upon him incredible physical strength. By shaping crystals independently from his body Morgan can craft weapons, most typically a long spear, a sword, or a bow, but the only real limit is his imagination.

Aide of a Kindred Spirit | Fascinated by fairy tales, what surprise would it be that one of Morgan’s most iconic spells involves manifesting a small, cat-sized dragon formed from pure pink crystal? Although not physically imposing it is nimble and swift, capable of flight and ideal for both scouting and retrieving objects. With focus Morgan can experience the world through its senses, seeing through its tiny, crystalline eyes. It also has a nasty bite and can launch sharp crystal shards from its body, but is harmless to all but the frailest humans and etherspawn.

Aspect of the Angelus | Manifesting huge, feather-like structures in pink from his back, Morgan can take on a form likened to a crystalline angel. Their weight makes flight with them clumsy, albeit not impossible, but the force of the beating wings can be enough to push himself or his opponents back in a pinch to create some distance between them. They typically serve a more proactive role in battle, batting away attacks like a shield and even striking back with the bladed tips of the feathers.


Petite and quite feminine in appearance, Morgan stands at the slight 5’3 and has a slim, almost frail build. His facial features are soft, with pale skin from a lifetime hold up in libraries and rosy red cheeks, a tiny button nose and thin lips that are a soft pink colour. Morgan’s eyes are large and green flecked with silver, often hidden by a slim pair of black reading glasses, and his face is framed by locks of hazel brown that curl softly and fall down to his shoulders.


A bookworm at heart, Morgan is a quiet and bashful individual that is as bright as he is clumsy. Large groups of people make Morgan flustered and overwhelmed, and he shies away from them in favour of the peace and quiet. Never having had many friends through his life, Morgan simply doesn’t know how to deal well with so many new people, which is further exaggerated by Morgan’s lack of faith in his own abilities. Having little training as a mage, born to non-mage parents, Morgan is constantly questioning his capacity as a mage, and wonders how he could ever be capable of standing alongside his peers who are, in his eyes, giants. Still, Morgan is keen eyed and quite sweet once he warms up to people, and a life spent amongst books and his fascination over magic has made him more intelligent and adept than he realises.


Unlike most at Vale, Morgan had very little history with magic prior to his awakening as a mage. His parents were not mages, instead being common folk living common lives in the western United States, blissfully unaware that a world of arcane mysteries were right at their doorstep. He was raised in a quiet, quaint little nowhere town where nothing exciting ever seemed to happen. He was an only child and had very few friends growing up, instead finding solace and companionship in his books, both fictional and nonfiction. Morgan was bullied for it, cruel as kids can be, but as a naturally timid soul he was too nervous to fight against it, and had the comfort of a loving family and a veritable libraries worth of books to while away the days and soften the blow. It was an unsightly, but bearable, part of his life.

Morgan’s life was entirely uninteresting perhaps until he discovered he had access to an incredible ability called magic. Bullies, the same hooligans that he dealt with on a daily basis, had decided to enjoy their sadistic hobby outside of school hours one day and followed him home. He ignored the names on the long walk back to his house but the more physical abuse was harder to ignore. One shove dropped him to his knees, sending him falling into the busy road as a speeding car came past. It might have killed him and certainly would have hospitalised him if it were not for the crystalline cocoon which formed around his body in response to the fear and stress of impeding danger, an array of pink, feather-like crystals that formed an impenetrable sphere in the centre of the road. The car of course crashed into it, thankfully the driver no worse for wear, and Morgan was completely untouchable within the crystal structure. Completely untouchable and completely trapped, as no matter how hard he tried, the shield would not budge. It quivered and shook, as if Morgan’s own force of will could bend it, but it did not recede.

Local mage organisations were quick to respond and began working to cover up the event. The event was successfully covered up, keeping the secret of mages and magic a secret, and Morgan was rescued from his self-made prison by an earth mage who tore the crystal structure apart as if it were nothing. Morgan was terrified when the mage explained to him what had happened. Morgan himself had created the barrier and he himself was an earth mage. Morgan and his family were filled in on a lifetime of magical knowledge in just one sitting, explaining what he was, what had happened, and what he was to expect for the future. They were shocked at the revelation but accepting, and it was Morgan struggled with this information the most. The panic it had caused, and knowing that he could have very easily killed the driver that had nearly hit him, weighed a little too heavy on Morgan’s mind. He very quickly saw magic as something dangerous that was to be feared and that he did not need to harness and practice his powers so much as control them so that nobody else would be hurt. He was assigned a tutor and dropped out of public schooling to focus his efforts on controlling these new abilities. In turn Morgan was offered a place at Vale academy should he prove able to control his powers to the degree they hoped for, as he was fourteen, very nearly old enough to join, and it would provide him with everything he needed to continue his studies, both mundane and arcane, in a safe environment. Morgan accepted.

Morgan’s tutor arrived only a few weeks later. She was not much older than him, a fire mage called Diana who could effortlessly weave flames in the styles of three mythical creatures. Morgan was not receptive, immediately seeing fire as the most dangerous and destructive of magics. It took almost a year to finally break through both Morgan’s early perceptions of magic and the isolated shell that he had so meticulously crafted over the years, but slowly Morgan and Diana became close friends outside of their relationship as student and master, and Morgan learned that his magic could be a gift and not a curse if it was used responsibly. Dedicated and refined in all he set his mind to, Morgan quickly took to it after that, harnessing earth magic in the form of crystals to generate weapons and armour, creating a style that compensated for his small height and slight build even for his age. Diana became the older sister Morgan never had, and told him stories of her time at Vale, the academy he would soon be studying at. Morgan’s devotion to practicing magic only grew more intense as he was eager to make up for the years he had missed out not knowing he had access to such power. The idea of being around so many new people at Vale, especially if they were as skilled as his tutor Diana, terrified him, but he still saw opportunity there and was eager to start his first school year.

Full Body

Florence Cordelia Marrick — 17

Weapon of Choice: Mercurial Wreath | A gift made for her by her cousin, the son of a rather famous ether smith, the Mercurial Wreath is a bladed fan of silver metal in a slender rosewood cover, often worn pushed into Flora’s hair to hold it up. Although seemingly innocent while closed, the decorative cover ornate with a pretty, coiling ivy pattern that Flora carved herself that makes it look more like an antique than a weapon, within are rows of long, slender blades of ether, almost leaf-like in shape and design, silver swords and made to look like a stretch of ivy. First and foremost, the wreath is almost indestructible, and Flora is partial to using it to deflect blows from beast and blade alike alongside using it to slice and thrust into the hides of etherspawn. Secondly, like all ether weapons, it is an apt channel for her magic, and though it she can more easily manifest her light spells. The design of the fan is particularly apt at controlling magic that flows easily, like wind, and it makes summoning flurries of petals to barrage her opponents impossibly easy to manifest.


Element: Light.

Ceres’ Accord | Flora was born an earth mage and she had a remarkable talent for nature magic. When her powers faded and returned in the form of light magic, she felt a piece of her old magic return to her, and intense practice managed to rekindle some of her lost art. Despite being a light mage, Flora has a limited capacity to control nature as well. Her plants always carry a strange, unnaturally perfect quality to them that would be impossible for any real plant to match, and any ailments afflicting them seem to fade in an instant. Colours are more intense and vibrant, bark is always etched with beautiful patterns and markings, petals are soft and shimmer like glass, and the soft scent of flowers she creates is impossibly sweet.

Aria for Aurora | Sunlight channels well through Flora’s plants, imbued with the essence of light magic themselves, and she can use them as origin points for many of her spells. They can fire mighty beams of light, generate storms of glass-like petals, and even lash out physically against nearby foes, either at her personal command or of their own volition. At a distance she can use these to control the battlefield from afar, or she can surround herself with plants and overwhelm nearby foes.

Bolero of Blossom | Light, manifested with such intensity, begins to crystalise and become hardlight. Flora can transform the light around her into tiny, lotus-like shapes, or a flurry of small petals, that hover and dance around her form. Sturdy but swift, these lotus flowers ruthlessly barrage anyone who comes too close by charging towards a foe, but will also sacrifice themselves to deflect or destroy projectiles or attacks that come from any angle, shattering themselves in the process but rendering Flora unharmed. This is reactionary, not manually targeted, although can be if needed, allowing her to unleash a powerful barrage of hard-light missiles upon her foes at the expense of her barrier. Her storm of petals defends against weaker but more numerous attacks, and cut like tiny knives.

Gaia’s Gambol | By coalescing light from her surroundings, Flora can transform it into a single, solid form, far more vibrant and intense than any other hardlight structure she can make. Warm to the touch, this light has weight, and within the crystal is wild arcane energy, transformed from pure light into magic. By crushing this crystal the energy is released, and floods into the nearest living thing, the one who crushed it or another close recipient, reinvigorating them and imbuing all of their magic with a fragment of Flora’s own power. These crystals are also extremely volatile, and with a small application of magic they can be ignited and will explode in radiant energy only moments later, intense enough to incinerate anything in its radius.


Flora is undeniably of Marrick stock. She is tall, just about 5’10 in height, with an athletic frame that only flatters her distinctive curves, particularly her hips and thighs, and her outdoorsy lifestyle has sunkissed her otherwise fair skin and brought out a faint, almost unnoticeable smudging of freckles along her dimpled cheeks, shoulders, and chest. Florence’s features are feminine but have a stronger side to them, a woman as determined and tough as she is pretty, fitting for her athletic physique, with the exception of a tiny, adorable button nose in the middle of her face. Her hair is a natural strawberry blonde, flowing locks that almost reach down to her curvaceous hips, and are either tied back in thick, twin braids on either side of her head, or left loose and wild, often playfully obscuring her large eyes, dark in colour but flecked with glistening silver.

Often seen in daisy dukes and low cut blouses, Flora is a fan of simple but stylish. She favours clothes that show of her figure and leave some skin exposed, particularly her long legs, but her tomboyish attitude and love for physical activity leads her to shy away from skirts and dresses, instead preferring very short shorts in denim, and either tank tops or half-unbuttoned shirts to cover her torso. Those few jackets she does wear are often in brown suede leathers long enough to fall half way down her thighs, matching her fondness for brown leather boots with small heels, and are often decorated with personal touches like pins or small, singular flowers grown on the jacket breast. On the rare occasion Flora keeps her hair up, it is usually held with the closed form of her weapon the Mercurial Wreath, and she is rarely seen without a beautifully made silver pendant around her neck that she treasures a great deal.


Determined, outgoing, and quite charming when she wants to be, Flora is a lively young girl that wants to live life to the full. Flora is open and honest, confident and secure enough to keep few secrets, and is always happy to speak her mind. She is as good a listener as she is a speaker though, and shows a great deal of compassion towards others, both those she knows well and those she does not. It is a parental kind of compassion though, and her loyalty is undeniable, as she shows little patience for those who harm or belittle others, particularly her closest friends and relatives. She adores the outdoors, and is a tomboy in every sense of the word, lusting after adventure and new experiences with almost reckless abandon. Indeed, perhaps she is too hasty and impatient, but it all comes from an intense passion for life and a deep love of those close to her, and a willingness to fight for what she cares for despite all odds.


The Marrick family has a limited history as mages. It possesses only a scarce few spellcasters, and even fewer of them demonstrate any significant or noteworthy aptitude for it. For many years only one of the Marrick family was an active practitioner of the art, a recently manifested smith that turned his talents from mundane steel to harnessing the power of ether. That would all change in such a short time, as not one but two were born into the Marrick family, each possessing an incredible talent for magic that even in their youth far exceeded that of their seniors. The first was Florence Cordelia Marrick, a young, pretty girl of strawberry blonde hair and glistening dark eyes, soft freckled skin, and driven by a lust for excitement and adventure. At a young age she was not only an accomplished earth mage, a prodigy in every sense of the word, but also a capable nature mage, having learned how to freely use the complex and rare style of earth magic without tutoring, learning it through experimentation and practice alone. Only half a year later after her birth would the Marricks be blessed with the second, a spritely and honest young boy called Jack Marrick, whose earth magic rivalled hers, eschewing nature magic in favour of twisting iron and steel with his magic. The Marricks, strangers to such magical prowess, saw the benefits of allowing the two to spend time together despite living on opposite ends of the United States, and their unique circumstances made the two cousins fast friends.

Flora’s parents were a simple sort, and she was raised in comfortable, rural environment in the southern US. Her mother was a riding instructor for horses that taught Flora to adore the outdoors, an earth mage of some small potential, and a native to the southern states in which she lived and raised her daughter. Flora’s father was a sheriff’s deputy in one of Texas’ eastern counties but was a stranger in the state, having departed from the rest of his family when he transferred from further north, and also an earth mage as it happens, but his skill was discovered so late in his life that his abilities have barely scratched the surface of what a real earth mage is capable of. There was little they could teach their young daughter in the ways of magic, and so Flora matured quickly, exploring the limits of her powers rigorously, working together with her cousin to push themselves further and harder whenever they had the delight of being able to spend time together.

Flora’s magic withered and died before her thirteenth birthday. At first her more complex spells seemed more difficult and exhausting than she remembered, the stone she made brittle and the plants she summoned frail and dying. It took less than a week for the spark of magic within her to fade entirely, and it almost broke the young girl. She retreated away from prying eyes, ashamed of her inability to perform even simple magic and overwhelmed by the feeling that a part of her had been stolen away. Words of pity did little to comfort her, and the one small light that she felt was left in her life then was her cousin, who did all he could to bring a smile back to her face. He wove her beautiful bouquets of sunflowers, her favourite, and made tiny animate toys from stone for her, all in a desperate attempt to bring a smile back to her face, a sight that he missed so dearly.

Half a year after the disappearance of Flora’s magic a package arrived at her doorstep. It remained in the corner of her room for almost a week before she even dared open it, until she finally opened the handwritten letter to read. From Jack, it said, and he promised that this last gift would finally make her smile. Inside was a single daffodil and a silver ether pendant, glistening brightly even in the dimmest light, and its beauty made her cry. Something about that sparked something inside of her though, and she clenched her fists, grit her teeth, and told herself that nothing like this was going to hold her back.

Then she passed out.

When she awoke, something felt different. A weight had been lifted from her shoulders, and light cascaded outwards from her fingertips, dancing across her arms and radiating outwards from her. Her magic had returned to her, but in an entirely different form, and Florence’s lust for life reappeared not long after. She was determined to make the most of what she had, having learned the pain of losing it, and Florence poured herself into mastering her new form of magic. It was an unusual new experience unlike it had ever been using earth magic. Light was not stoic and rigid. Light needed not be forced, but instead coaxed softly, but Flo was not willing to let any obstacle stand in her way. She drew comparisons between it and her nature magic, using what she had learned there to aid in her practices now, and within two years her capacity for magic almost matched that of her before she lost her magic.

This skill, combined with her capacity to control a rare element, quickly caught the attention of Vale academy. Seeing it as an opportunity to truly master her abilities among fellow mages for the first time, Flora accepted in a heartbeat, and rushed off towards Vale with reckless abandon and childlike enthusiasm. Her first year was almost overwhelming, but Florence refused to back down from a challenge no matter how large or small, and established herself as one of Vale’s most promising new students. What joy she felt then when her mother told her that she could look forward to a reunion with her closest, as her younger cousin, would be joining her as a fellow student of Vale.


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Michael Graves

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Weapon of Choice: His weapon of choice is a set of knives, and he would usually carry around 12 of them as he uses them in conjunction with his Railgun spell. There is a chunk of metal embedded into the handle to allow Railgun to work as intended and the knives also serve as lightning rods.



: Michael gathers all the heat from the surrounding area into his hand and ignites it, creating a miniature mass equivalent to a star. After throwing or firing it off at something, it expands on contact, consuming everything inside in the cleansing flame of the sun before disappearing completely.

Burning Pillar: Putting his palm on the ground and creating a ring of fire of varying size that gradually grows smaller until it reaches the center of the original circle, subsequently exploding into a large pillar of fiery death. The larger the ring is the longer the amount of time it takes for it to go boom. An average sized pillar is usually not enough to burn the target completely, but it can get a limb sufficiently crispy if it makes full contact. A larger circle could burn multiple targets, with a sufficient amount of time till it explodes.After the charge is put down, it is essentially out of Michael's control so he actively needs to avoid it lest he wants to end up with some burns.

Railgun: Michael can fire objects at three times the speed of sound by forming parallel currents on both sides of his arm with his electricity. The railgun has extremely high velocity and speed, and hits with an immense amount of force. Multiple projectiles can be fired at once to create a much more dangerous Rail-Shotgun, with a wider target area but a shorter range.

Shock Grenades: By throwing a ball of electricity at critical mass, Michael is able to make eletrical grenades that stick to things and explode a few seconds after contact. Multiple grenades can be thrown clustered together to create a bigger area of effect and do more damage overall.

Magnetic Propulsion: Via electromagnetic shockwaves, Michael is able to fly by emitting a constant shockwave through his hands and propulse things at high speeds via larger shockwaves. His palms gain a shocking sensation while this is active.


Michael is roguishly handsome, at least in his own opinion, but females don't seem to think so which is probably due to his personality. He is a tall and rather well-built individual and has blue eyes that give off an aura of utter confidence and belief in himself. He stands at around 5’10” and weighs just around 170lbs which is somewhat odd seeing as a majority of his family is rather short but it doesn’t bother him much. He has messy long black hair that is usually tied into a ponytail. He has a very sharp face with not too much baby fat left on it which gives him a mature-look even though he is rather young.

While well built he is not by any means jacked to the point of having muscles on his muscles, he is very solid however and this can be seen as he is extremely fit to the point where his muscles are quite noticeable. Clothing wise he wears whatever he feels like wearing unless specifically needing to wear something else, but his usual clothing mainly consists of some dark blue jeans and white short sleeve shirts and a golden zip-up hoodie or black jacket. He sticks to brighter colors usually such as red, yellow, orange, and occasionally gold, when it comes time to relax.

One thing that almost never changes on him is his running sneakers which are at all times kept in excellent condition. They have a custom design on them that he made himself and features different anime and things on the side of his shoes. He is almost never seen not wearing these sneakers and most wonder how he keeps them in such good condition. Around his neck is a simple pendant with a green gemstone.

Personality: Michael could be described in a multitude of words but mainly one comes up that describes him to a tee and it is cocky. He is extremely cocky and has an absolute amount of confidence in his ability and has no doubts about himself. This cockiness can sometimes make him downright arrogant to the point where even others may dislike him intensely. He can be quite quick to anger sometimes and tries really hard to control his anger but there are just certain things that set him off, mainly someone questioning any of his abilities.

He is surprisingly humble at the same time and will not boast randomly about how amazing he is or anything but he will always be confident in whatever he does, even if it’s a menial task he’ll still try his hardest. However he does believe his abilities are far beyond others and will belittle others, sometimes teasingly, if he finds them lacking but also offer praise and acceptance and sometimes even encourage others if he thought it would help them become better. He’s kind of weird in that perspective.

Michael is extremely smart for someone so cocky and arrogant at times and is able to calmly assess a situation as long as he is in the right state of mind. This comes from having a teacher that not only stressed having a strong body, but also a strong mind. While not personally caring too much about academics, he does respect those who do and understands the importance of such things. He probably wouldn't admit such a thing.

Surprisingly he is willing to put his friends, or any friends he may have, above his own needs as he cherishes friends as one cherishes their own life. This could be due to the fact he was a very lonely child and held barely any companionship with kids his own age and barely held anyone he saw as an equal. Michael has tried to tone down his cockiness slightly which makes him less prone to making comments that may seem arrogant. However, he knows how good he is and can forget that flaunting is annoying to others.

Sometimes his thoughts can just slip out leaving others rather annoyed or even downright angry. He does not know how to handle people he considers friends too well so he can be a bit awkward around people who he considers friends but he is willing to get to know others. Despite his comments about others he generally wants to see others succeed and is willing to help them achieve their dreams, even if he is a bit of jerk in how he does so. Due to certain events underneath all this is a bit of apathy and melancholy, but he continues as confident as ever.

Because of his interest in anime, and the fact that it's the last thing he shares with his former mentor it is not surprising for him to use it as a crutch socially. While it isn't outright noticeable, some of his personality traits seem to be based around the anime that he enjoys now and when he was younger.

History: The Graves family was one who had very little connection to magic besides the minor exception of Michael’s Uncle Dan who was a novice at magic and hadn’t really done anything with the ability even though he had wanted to go to that school for magic when he was younger that the family had talked about, and his Father but he didn't know about him at the time. Dan was a water mage, but had no real talent at it and worked extremely hard to even get to the point where he was able to use it to supplement his own learned medical skills, using it to quickly and efficiently clean wounds and sterilize equipment. With this he opened up a small clinic in San Diego near where they lived. The Graves family was decidedly normal and lived in a nice house near the beach in California, it was a good life so it seemed to him. Things changed however when near the age of 11 Michael discovered the wonders of magic, and the other side of his family was revealed. It was an event that led to him being introduced someone whom he came to cherish as a friend.

It was a simple rainy day and he was walking around with his rain gear on splashing around in the puddles as he liked to do even if it was a bit childish. A loud barking broke him from his play though as noticed a large dog about to attack some kittens. He couldn't leave the kittens to fend for themselves in good conscious so he made his decision. Michael doesn’t know what happened next as he ran over but he does remember standing over an extremely burnt dog and that he had some bite marks on his arm. Next thing he knew he was unconscious but it felt like something had caught him. Waking up in some sort of room he saw his Uncle standing over him and what he was told next was very interesting. He was told of the magical world in more detail and about the different things he should know but the most important was to not tell anyone of the information he now knew, at least that was what he had taken away from it.

His Uncle also revealed something that he had suspected for quite some time, his Father was apart of the magic world somewhat and had been somewhat important at a time but had cut his ties as best as he could so he could live a peaceful life away from all the magic. His Uncle told him how his Dad and him had been accepted to some prestigious school and his Dad was some sort of prodigy while he was considered a sort of failure which had inspired him to train even harder which allowed him to accomplish the healing skills he had now. From the bit that he was told so far he was hooked and wanted to learn more about the magical side of the world which prompted his Uncle, through continuous nagging on Michael's part, to get the necessary things needed for him to go off and train for two years with his personal teacher who lived in Ireland.

Arriving in Ireland after an uneventful flight he and his Uncle quickly headed to where his instructor was supposed to live and he was quite surprised to see that she lived in some huge estate. However he was much more surprised by the fact that it was a rather young looking woman who owned the entire place, she wasn't anything like how his Uncle had described her she even seemed a bit ditzy and he had learned her name the day his training began. It was Claire Connolly and he soon found out that the young woman with black hair and an aura of ditziness around her was a brutal taskmaster who seemed incredibly random at times.

The one time he had pranked her and had taken her always constant glasses that she wore while she trained him in magic theory, she had decided to begin doing things that would make his life hell. She had even thrown a bucket of water on him while he was asleep and then justified it by saying that he looked a little hot. Even with all of her eccentricities she was good at what she did and he grew quite close to her and took to her lessons like a moth to a flame.

The reason for his early success fell mostly on his teacher. Clair Connolly was a fire and lightning mage who had fought on the Liminal Isles, and with her knowledge and combat prowess she was able to quite efficiently teach Michael. Drilling into him the importance of the basics, and using her own experiences she helped him create his most used spells. However, not only magical arts were his focus, but also physical training. While his age prevented him from doing anything too intense, he was drilled with a not so standard physical regiment that capitalized on his abilities and it is one that he still follows to this day.

As the two years passed by quickly he was now 13 years old with his magical studies dealt with by his teacher Claire and his non magical studies taught by his Uncle Dan, whom he had found out was quite the scholar apparently, his learning curve was rather incredible. In his magical studies the few friends of Claire who were invested in the magical world summed up his progress as quite remarkable for his age and that he could be considered a genius in his own right and while he was happy about this one does tend to get quite lonely with no friends.

As a majority of his time was spent on either training or studying he didn't have much time to make any friends and so his connection to his teacher was one he cherished quite so. However it was not meant to last as during the last month of his training he found out something very serious about his teacher, she was dying. No one told him from what but it was some sort of disease that had no cure and had been caught too late to do anything about it so she had resigned herself to living out her days peacefully until she inevitably died.

From the information he heard she didn't have much more than 3 or 4 months to live at for a short time he despaired, but it was quickly knocked out of him by his still somewhat able teacher and his Uncle. She had already accepted her fate but in his heart he knew that he didn't want her to die, she was his friend and mentor he didn't want to accept this. However he knew there wasn't anything he could really do he was only a child, an admittedly very talented one in magical standards, but he was still only a child. Time passed by uneventfully until the day his teacher was meant to pass on and he would like to say he didn't cry but he did. It was a sad day for him but he pushed through it, his teacher wouldn't want him moping for something like this and so days continued as they had before but seemed to miss a little something.

With no real instructor to teach him more about magic besides the notes his teacher left for future ideas he decided to continue school in Ireland while sharpening the current skills he had. His Teacher had suspiciously left her estate to him and his Uncle and the money she had left as if she had foreseen what was going to happen so they deigned to live there while they stayed. It had been revealed to him that she had no real family that she was connected with, her non-magical brother had died in some car accident only last year and her sister was off the grid at the moment. From what he saw of the people who interacted with her on the Magic side a majority of them were just acquaintances accept a small select few but even they did not interact often. His Uncle and him were currently the people closest to her and with this info she had decided the money she had would go to better use on them than wasting away or something not within her consent or at least that was what his Uncle had said.

Attending a primarily English speaking school in Ireland he blazed through it without too much effort put in as he already was taught a majority of the material and soon he became bored and slightly arrogant towards others in the respect of that he was head and shoulders above them. In sports he dominated due to the ridiculous exercises he was put through and still kept up with which made many other athletes make him their rivals. He didn't really care though there wasn't much chance they would get to his level but it was nice to see them try, it made him believe that one day they actually would match him or maybe even surpass him. Even if it was very far off into the future it would be amazing so he waited for such a glorious moment in which he could have someone who was his match.

Approximately 3 years passed and he was finally 16 with his birthday happening just as the school year ended and he was quite bored, he had made a few friends here and there because they were interesting and could actually keep up with him somewhat, at least in intelligence. Nothing truly eventful happened besides an unexpected visit by his Father during his 15th birthday on July 5th whom he hadn't seen for quite some time, and only contacted him the through phone from time to time. During the time he was there his Dad revealed what his connection to the Magic side was, he had been working with the government for some years in one of its magical divisions. When asked further information his Dad told him that it wasn't information he was privy to as of now but that maybe one day he would. He had also gave him a few ideas on what he could do with his magic, what he could do with fire in particular seeing as it was his Father's specialty. He stayed for a brief time of about 1 week and flew back to the States leaving Michael with the parting message that something interesting was going to happen soon.

Coming home to the estate one day he found a peculiar piece of mail that had been addressed to him and opening it up he was somewhat surprised to see an invitation to a school, Vale Institute of Higher Learning or something like that and it was back in America. Talking to his Uncle about it he was told that he should most definitely go as this was a once in a life time chance. Well if his Uncle was excited about it, and his Uncle nowadays only got excited to help people or when he saw an attractive female so that's saying something, it most definitely peaked his interest. He told his Uncle that he might as well go, it was going to be quite an interesting ride if the vibe he was getting right.

Other: Michael seemingly likes all things anime related, if he had to guess he got the obsession from his teacher, and sometimes will even mimic characters for different purposes. Michael took up the hobby of origami after watching a certain anime and holds onto the belief that if you fold one thousand origami cranes you can get a wish.
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Name: Lexi Fields
Age: 14
Gender: Female

Weapon of Choice: Gladius: a steel blade with a bronze handle, the Claudius is somewhat of a sword short that can be lethal in skilled hands.

Element: Air

Crush: Lexi traps her foes in a compressed air sphere and Lexi traps her foes in a rapid vibration sphere, and increases the pressure, crushing her foe inside it.
Accelerate: Stilling the air around her, Lexi enables herself to move faster. She also compresses the air behind her to propel her faster. This is physically draining however, and can't be used for long periods of time.
Glide: Lexi solidifies the air under her and uses strong gusts to propel herself in different directions.
Shield: When attacked, Lexi will encase herself inside a rapid spinning air sphere. This air is compressed and very hard to break through.


Lexi is around 4'9 and weighs 100lbs. Long, slick white hair that reaches just below her shoulders. It's smooth and soft. Small and round shaped eyes with a pale dark blue color. She has long thick lashes that draw attention to her eyes. Lexi is a somewhat tall teen with an average figure. She has light caucasian skin. She has a rounded face and a small yet plump lips. She is usually smiling, and her posture is relaxed. Her typical expression is relaxed and calm, but she also has slightly noticeable dimples. She generally appears excitable and cheery.

Lexi is very confident, but not to the point that she is arrogant. In other words, she is proud of her power. Yet at the same time she doesn't flaunt it nor think herself superior to anyone. She is quick tempered when insulted or compared to others, and her lack of understanding along with her temper often puts her in situations she doesn't intend. Though very caring and kind, Lexi isn't the best when it comes to dealing with her own emotions. She expresses them just fine, but coping with them is a bit harder for her.

She will often feel sad but her slightly optimistic nature helps her think of the pros. She prefers to stay happy, so when dealing with depression or sadness she is often at a loss. She will often make attempts to brighten the mood, and whether or not she makes it better or worse depends on how bad the situation is. Lexi is also the fiercely loyal type. Rushing in to danger for her friends is nothing, even if she hasn't thought it through. To her, her pain isn't a thing compared to her friends and family.

Lexi was born in Idaho, and enjoyed the well forested area with her mother. Being an only child to a single mother, Lexi was very much spoiled. However, she was also sheltered. She didn't enjoy going out much unless her mother was with her as a child. And her mother didn't want to pressure her, so she often just let the girl do as she pleased. In school Lexi was somewhat of a shut in. She only spoke when spoken too and didn't particularly participate in group events.

However, she did enjoy hobbies at home. She and her mother would often take trips to the woods behind their home, there they would have picnics and sing songs together. When family would visit they would always request that Lexi sing. After the initial shyness she would sing for them often, but only to those she was comfortable around. As Lexi grew up, she remained shy, but she eventually felt the need to open up.

She began talking to others, going to events, and other things. Eventually she went out by herself, leaving her mother at home as she ventured into the woods hoping to see a bit of wildlife. She ended up stepping into a bears territory, and got chased. She tried to run, but when the bear caught up she tried to protect herself. She was found later by her mother passed out but surrounded by some sort of very compressed air.

When she came to and explained the situation to her mother, she appeared quite surprised a little afraid, but stayed understanding of the situation. Well, as much as she could be. Eventually Lexi began to play around with her power until she got an invite to the school. She accepted and hoped to improve herself, along with her skill by the time she returned home.


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Oops I almost skipped right over the thread now that it's preceded by "Ethersworn."

Who's ready for Alma 3.0?
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I'm feeling extra brave, I guess...

Name: Yukiteru Tetsuya

Age: 17

Gender: Male

Weapon of Choice: A large, black, opaque umbrella that has a retractable blade in the tip.

Element: Darkness

Solid Darkness – Yukiteru has the ability to turn any shadow into a solid mass, which is his greatest form of attack and defense, since he can attack from a distance and/or surround himself with a protective dome. While containing an infinite amount of different uses, the range (how far a strand of shadow can be stretched from its source) of a solidified shadow is shorter compared to a non-solid shadow and may become shorter depending on multiple factors, such as: amount solidified, the size of the source of shadows, the thickness of the solidified mass etc.

Frozen Shadow – Using non-solid shadows, Yukiteru can hold something down as if it was frozen for, at max, five minutes. Yukiteru can only use this twice per day, and the only thing that can break the shadow’s hold is a strong source of light (something akin to a flash bang). Only used on one thing at a time, as holding a whole group would take too much energy, and drastically reduce the hold time.

Stygian Blade – Using a concentration of solid shadows, Yukiteru forms a basic one-handed great sword which he uses in combination with his umbrella. Typically used for group encounters as the dual wield ability allows Yukiteru to go on the offensive as well as defend.

Sable Rain – By throwing his umbrella high into the air, Yukiteru is able to make it rain solid shadow needles using the shade that rests closest to the umbrella. These needles can pierce through most things, and can be controlled in regards as to where they land. This spell does have one weakness however… It absolutely cannot be used if there is too much wind.

Appearance: Yukiteru stands at 5’8”, and has completely pale skin with a lean muscle build. He has medium length silver hair and eyes as gray as a rain cloud, yet has his hair styled so that his left eye is covered by his hair. He wears a a solid gray long sleeve shirt, and pants that are a near vantablack color with matching shoes. Can often be seen with a smile on his face.

Personality: Yukiteru appears to be normal, happy, and friendly to others on the outside, but don't let that fool you. Deep down, Yukiteru is a psychopathic killer who only kills for the sheer pleasure of it. The only reason he doesn't kill on sight is so he can hide his victims better and his identity remains protected.
He does not tolerate rudeness towards him, and has no problems getting physical. No one knows about the killer within him, however, and only goes full psycho if he knows it is safe to do so.

History: Yukiteru wasn't always a crazy, shadow-controlling killer. It all started when he was just a child.
His mother, a water mage, started teaching Yuki magic at the young age of 3. Yuki was quickly found to also be talented at water magic, and quickly developed a basic control over water. When Yuki turned 5, his father, who was a swordsman with no magic powers, began teaching Yuki how to use a sword so he can protect himself. It wasn't long before Yuki developed a love of fighting, thanks to his skills with water and swordplay.

Yuki would often fight at school just so he could show off his skills to his peers. This slowly got worse and worse as he got older. Then, at the age of 11, a tragic event took place that truly signified that Yuki was something evil.
Yuki had finally begun learning how to control ice. He had found out while practicing on his own in his backyard. Yuki quickly brought his mother outside to show her his newfound skill, and took her to the small pond they kept outside in the back. Yuki began forming the ice, but then lost control. Ice spikes started forming out of the pond in random directions, and that's when it happened. One of the spikes that appeared had impaled Yuki’s mother, killing her almost instantly. Yuki remained unscathed, but looked in shock at his mother’s corpse.

But… Strangely enough, Yuki didn't feel… Sad. In fact, he had never felt this good in his life. A pure adrenaline rush, if you would. With a smile, Yuki broke off one of the ice spikes and walked inside his house. He found his father who was in his room, and stabbed him in the chest, killing him. Yuki laughed and laughed, smiling non-stop, even when he buried his parents.

The next day after he had buried his parents, he tried using his magic, but something different happened. Instead of water being moved, he saw the shadows were bending to his will.
Yuki now had control over shadows rather than water and ice.
Darkness pervaded Yuki’s heart, and he had complete control over it.
Yuki continued going back to school, never directly answering any questions regarding his sudden use of dark magic rather than water magic. At the age of 17, Yuki had killed many people, but was never caught or even suspected of any of the murders. He continued attending school, and was eventually invited to Vale due to his affinity to dark magic, which apparently was a rare element to control. At first Yuki declined, but when he heard about how some graduates could go off to fight in the Liminal Islands, he just couldn't resist the temptation of a future of non-stop killing. So now, Yuki is on his way to Vale, driven only by the promise of fighting after he finishes his education.

Other: I imagined that the solidified shadows would be as durable as plexiglass. If this is too OPed, please say so, and I will think of a different material. Thank you.


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@aeternum the Pickled Pineapple, just a couple things outside of expanding on Jordan's personality.~

First is that War Path, while effective against humans, won't find much use against giant monsters, the main enemy they'll be fighting, or even most mages.

Second is that we'd like to see where magic became relevant in Jordan's training, and how he developed into it. You mention that he truly understood his powers after drawing his first Gaia Blade, and we really want to know more about that point in his life.

You'll also want to keep in mind that shortly after arriving at Vale, students without prior exposure will be outfitted with an ether weapon, as they're more effective against the shells of etherspawn than raw magic alone. It may help to create a couple new spells in place of his Gaia Blade and War Path.

Other than that, Jordan looks like he'll be a really cohesive character, and hopefully he'll be speaking like a medieval knight even in the face of death.

@Crescent Moon, there are some much more major problems, and I'm sorry that I can't explain these in a much nicer way like I want to.

Do you really believe that the most exclusive, renowned school in the biggest nation in the world would accept a homicidal sociopath? They wouldn't. They would know about him. They would suppress him, and I don't mean locking him away from the rest of the world in a cold, dark room.

How did he even develop into a maniac in the first place? Nothing even suggests it. Someone who likes fighting and testing their skills is not automatically going to grow into a murderer. He would also be dealt with (not necessarily by killing for this kind of thing) if he's using his magic so freely in public.

The transition into Light and Darkness magic is also much longer and more agonizing than "something different happened." It can take months for one's original abilities to disappear, and even longer for them to come back in that new form.

I'm not going to stop you from signing up again, and you're more than free to ask questions and get help. We encourage it. However, I can guarantee that your character will be absolutely nothing like what he currently is, and you may not want anything to do with the result.

In other news, there are a lot of earth mages, and only one of them is a nature mage. Didn't think Earth alone would be that popular. Air mages are pretty plentiful, too. We need watah and fiyah.


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So... you just copied and pasted the character over (which wasn't actually accepted like you said it was), listed what you wanted him to be able to do in For All Have Sinned as his spells, with no regard to making it fit within the context of a world completely different people built.

I have to admit, that really hurts. That is extremely disrespectful to Colony, myself, and Retro Bug, and our efforts to make unique worlds and experiences.


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I'll admit I didn't look hard enough about its acceptance, but both Colony and I have decided, and the fact remains: We will not be accepting Axel into Vale, under any circumstances.

What you did was an insult to not only the GMs, but to every player who put significantly more time and work into their characters to get accepted.

If you don't intend to create a new character entirely, I have to ask that you not come back to this thread.



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Thanks for telling that ^^ I'm new to RP, I asked GP that if I can use same character in another RP. He said yes with some change. I think i don't know what these changes were. I just rushed into things. That is mistake in my part. But I have no intention of insulting any GM or any player. You made it sound way too awesome though. I apologize to anyone who feel hurt by my use of previously created character in this RP. Enjoy this awesome RP and this RP's awesome GMs.


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hi birdy from the future, screw you for denying me


Saqr Al Aqsa, 15, Light Mage

Weapon of Choice: A bag of flamin' cheese Broritos. Jokes aside, Saqr carries two weapons on him. The first is an ornamental Khanjar, a traditional J-shaped curved dagger, gifted to him by his father for his coming of age celebration. The blade is is not etherforged and breaks fairly easily due to the Khanjar being purely decorative.

Saqr also carries a sniper rifle equipped with a scope and has Saqr's internet gamertag written on the side in golden glittery sharpie writing.



Saqr concentrates his magic into summoning a controllable hardlight falcon. Aptly named Daw'a, - which signifies 'light source' in Arabic - the bird's movements and actions can be controlled by Saqr mentally. In addition to this, Daw'a can also be used to project and cast spells from a distance. If Saqr stays still and concentrates, he can also partially 'see' what his falcon is seeing through his right eye, effectively turning her into a beacon of sorts. Daw'a can be destroyed easily by darkness magic, and breaks just as easily as any other hardlight structure.

Shield of Fortune

Saqr's only individual spell for the moment. Saqr uses the reflection off a coin or other small object to project a large, hardlight shield in the shape of the object. The shinier the object is, the easier it is to cast the spell.

Enlightened Charge

Saqr charges Daw'a up with light magic, boosting her speed immensely and commanding her to charge beakfirst at the enemy. This spell can be used both offensively to slam Daw'a into enemies, or defensively to get her out of danger.


Saqr detonates Daw'a from a distance. The explosion causes minor damage, but created a flash of light that temporarily blinds anyone caught in the blast radius. Daw'a van only be summoned back after a few moments if this spell is used.


Saqr sports a typical middle eastern complexion, with messy black hair, fairly tanned coppery skin, and brown eyes, of which the right one turns fully yellow when he summons his falcon. He stands at an average height of 5'5, and is strikingly skinny for his age - mostly due to the fact he spends most of his time at home rekking noobs playing video games. This leads to him often being underestimated physically due to his weight and flimsy appearance, which he does admit is a good way to catch fools off guard.

In terms of attire, let's just say... Saqr's rich, he knows it, and isn't afraid to show it. Custom-made jackets, gloves and shoes, autographed caps and shirts, and mabye others are only a small fraction of what his wardrobe contains. Describing a single outfit wouldn't do him justice - so it's easier to just explain what doesn't change instead. While his attire fluctuates over time, Saqr is always seen wearing some sort of shirt starring his all time favorite game, Warshooter 4. He is also always seen wearing a trademark pair of sunglasses embroidered with his name on one side and Warshooter's lead developer's autograph on the other; and a silver chain with a miniature silver Khanjar. Around his belt, though it is mostly always hidden, Saqr carries his small ornamental Khanjar dagger, typical of young men in his family.


Saqr is an... interesting person to be around with, to say the very least. If one were to point out the best thing about Saqr, is that he is the total opposite of a tightwad. Saqr is extremely easygoing with his cash and generous with friends and strangers alike, tossing money left and right like he doesn't care. This of course has led to his generosity often being abused by so-called 'friends', tricking him into giving them more money - though the poor boy would have been much too oblivious to notice.

Saqr is as generous with his opinions as he is with his wealth. He is not afraid to say what he thinks and is often rather blunt about it - which isn't always a good thing, as Saqr has the subtly of a fire alarm. However, being born into a household where everyone was forced to agree with him, he does have some problems with accepting views conflicting with his own, resulting in him being an immature and slow to convince person as well as a horrible leader in general. Another annoying aspect of Saqr's bluntness is his love for horrible jokes he shamelessly retells from online meme-sharing websites.

Saqr is also extremely confident. As mentioned before, he know he's rich, and knows what advantages being rich has. While not completely arrogant to the point of no return, Saqr does take great pride in himself and his accomplishments, which coupled with his bluntness makes him appear as a rather narcissistic person. Saqr is never one to back down from a good challenge - for example, a short game Warshooter 4 - and can be extremely competitive to the point of aggressiveness if he is pushed too far for long enough.


Saqr Al Aqsa was born fifteen years as the twelfth and final child of the rich Qatari Al Aqsa family. Hassan Al Aqsa, an illustrious fire mage, businessman, government official, and less-than-illustrious father, had gone through three wives by the time Saqr was born - none of which the boy knew personally. Saqr was put under the care of the family's servants, and has been practically reared by them - rarely ever seeing his distant mother and constantly absent father. This caused him to develop independence and autonomy fairly late in his childhood, resulting in him becoming what every child becomes when given everything they want - spoiled as a month-old glass of milk.

For his entire life, Saqr had everything. Well, mostly money. Money could get anything after all. Friends, food, entertainment, comfort... and video games. Saqr was around six when he discovered the beautiful medium. Through an unreleased console his father had brought from a business trip, Saqr was one of the first people on the planet to try out what would grow to be the most successful shooter in the video game industry: Warshooter. After hours of playing the game non-stop, six-year-old Saqr was hooked. Finding himself easily beating siblings that were three times his age, the young boy breezed through competition among friends and family. Six years later, eventually, Saqr decided to attend a local tournament for Warshooter 2. This time not a spectator, but a competitor. He found himself shooting through opponents (both literally ingame and figuratively) and before he knew it Saqr Al Aqsa had achieved the title of best Warshooter player in the Middle East. Finally realizing what he wanted his career to be, Saqr turned to more international opportunities for his uncommon gaming talent. But then came... the slump.

Magic was not very widespread in Qatar (if magic could be widespread at all, that is). If a person had magical capabilities, they either kept it secret for religious purposes, or went abroad to meet others like themselves. Up until Saqr's birth, none of Saqr's siblings and half-siblings - ten of which were boys - had the power to harness any element, except for the second child of the family; who was not only the only girl, but also the only mage up until Saqr's birth. When he was born, everyone assumed he would not have any magic either, similarly to the rest of his siblings. For twelve years of his life, Saqr lived without knowledge that he had fire magic in his blood - until the day that he finally discovered the power completely on accident. Saqr was ecstatic upon this discovering this. His father, just as excited as his son, immediately sent Saqr off to his (now married) half-sister's house, in order to study more fire magic techniques.

The first few weeks went perfectly. Saqr was as much as a natural in Fire magic as he was in video games. He was the pride of his family and friends and his name began to spread across his town very quickly. Then on the third week, something happened. Nobody was sure what is was, but something had happened to Saqr. He ate less, he talked less. He slept more than he stayed awake, and constantly complained about petty things (or at least, more than usual). His grades dropped to abysmal levels, and so did his kill/death ratio in Warshooter 4 - something was seriously wrong. Becoming increasingly worried for his studies and mental health, Saqr's caretakers took him to many psychiatrists around the region - but to no avail. Saqr had also completely lost the ability to produce any magic, depriving him of yet another one of his abilities.

Finally, iconically on his thirteenth birthday, Saqr woke up and he felt... better than he had in months. Both mentally and physically. His performance in school restabilized, his sleeping and eating schedules fixed, his K/D boosted back to the top... and his magic restored. Though this time, he couldn't manipulate fire, but rather something similar but very different - light. Unable to find a mentor in Qatar this time, Hassan Al Aqsa began searching for someone to train and teach his child to control his newfound abilities. It was after a few long months of fruitless searching that he found another light user. A fairly young man by the name of Elton residing in the US, more specifically in the state of Wyoming. Saqr's father had met him through one of his countless business trips to the States, as a friend and fellow firearm amateur. He reluctantly agreed to send his son to train under Elton's wing (pun intended).

For two years Saqr attended school in the US, all while training with his unusually young mentor, who was still studying in college himself. The young man emphasized greatly on Saqr's development of a personal and unique style of magic, as light was not an element that one could be born with, but one which was attained. Saqr didn't give the concept much thought - for all he knew, the whole slump and resurgence business had only ruined his grades and K/D - but followed through with his mentor's advice. For a long time Saqr knew little of what to do with his magic; he could illuminate dark areas and create tiny hardlight marbles, but what else was there to do? There didn't seem much complexity in light magic, a disappointing prospect when he thought of the things he had to go through to acquire it. It was on a slow summer day of killstreaking in Warshooter 4, a few months after he had moved that a burst of inspiration hit him. Saqr rushed to tell his idea to his mentor. Saqr's aim was already good enough with his regular vision, sure... But what if he had a third eye looking out for him to cover his blind spots and upgrade his quickscopes to... legendary noscopes. Met with great encouragement from Elton, Saqr began to develop this idea, starting with the core spell which would define him: Daw'a. The figure had gone through many stages before finalizing it a falcon. From a faceless sphere, to a drone, to a 3D model of Saqr's clan's emblem, and back to a faceless sphere, Saqr finally decided that the most appropriate model would be an animal to represent his glorious title as the best Warshooter player in the Middle East. About a year and a half later, Saqr was informed that he had received a letter from Vale to study there, and gratefully accepted - maybe players were better on the west coast.


Saqr owns a VidPipe channel on which he uploads and reacts to Warshooter 4 plays. The channel has a jarring 6 subscribers.

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This looks pretty cool, and although I have so little time already...

How much room is left?

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How much room is left?
Three slots, as of Michael's addition to the list of virgin sacrifices to the island gods.

If it's acceptable and you approve it for the slot I'd prefer to run with this one over the earth mage.
We don't have character limits; just people limits. Characters are much easier to manage and organize than the people playing them. So, if you're accepted once, you can just keep making characters to your personal limit.

That said, if you'd like to keep Jordan, maybe work a little more on the specifics of Hydra (like making multiple smaller dragons or one 20'+ dragon, and if they can eat material from the environment and spit it out as boulders, things like that).

"Quite lethal," as mentioned in Ouroboros, can mean a lot of different things depending on what you're fighting. Might be lethal to humans or maybe something close to human-size, but it probably wouldn't do too much against a fifty-foot centipede or something that has multiple layers of armor, right? That is, the objective lethality of this spell is an uncontrollable variable.

Earth's Embrace: good to go.

Whenever Colony gives the history a look-see, the only thing that should need work is the spells.

Concerning Isaac, I'll have to take a look at him when I don't have a bunch of kids in my house, because that is a ton of words to read through. Colony might be able to mention something before I get to it.

@DarkMoonPhase, I'll be taking care of your sheet instead of Colony. I'm not going to make excuses about any attitude I may appear to take in this response. So, please take any rudeness with a grain of salt, but you might want to bring a bucket instead of a shaker.

Weapon of Choice: A bladded iron fan
Before I get started, I have to suggest you look into a proofreader, or just anything with spellcheck. Microsoft Word, LibreOffice, Google Docs... your eyes.

On to a much more important question, why a fan?

- Song of Silence: Lexi sings a high note, manipulating the air she creates to vibrate at a high frequency that causes damage to the ear drums. At lower levels, the ear drums will be damaged temporarily, making sounds seem distorted. At higher levels permanent damage to the brain and eardrums can be accomplished.
-Song of Sleep: Manipulating the frequency of her song notes once again, Lexi changes the tonality to a very low, very calming sound. At a supremely low tonality, she can lure others to sleep. At a simple tonality, she can calm or relax others.
These are extremely useless, on multiple levels. Remember that characters are going to be fighting giant monsters. Unlike previous Vale versions, most human interaction will not involve beating the sense out of each other.

That is to say, focus your efforts on PvE, not PvP. Make your spells like you're about to take down Godzilla and MechaGodzilla at the same time with only three teammates.


Full written appearance, please. A picture should exist to supplement or inspire the writing, not the other way around.

Lexi is very, very observant due to her calm nature. She can easily notice when someone is having troubles, or if they're sad. While she is almost always trying to sympathetic to others, she isn't the best at dealing with others feelings. She tries to cheer up others, but often doesn't have the right words or actions to do so. She is a very shy person, so she finds it hard to communicate with new people. Even so, she tries her best. She is a calm person, but despite that she can easily lose her level head when dealing with her friends. She is somewhat timid, afraid of trying new things, and being the self-conscious person she is she is usually unsure of herself even when she does.
"Calm and very, very observant." Yet somehow, completely incapable of finding the right words to communicate with literally anyone.

So, exactly how easy is it for her to lose her temper with her friends? I don't think she even knows what a friend is. She can't talk to new people, and she sucks at talking to anyone else.

Question: does she have a habit of being borderline obsessed with one thing, like an object? Does she have a poor understanding of abstract thinking?

These are all signs of a high-functioning autist. That's not funny.

Lexi was birthed by an air user, and her father a normal human. When growing up, she'd always loved to be outside, and she loved to sing. Her mother was a stay at home wife, and her father was always at work. Often times her mother was very upset due to her father's absence, but she found joy in spending time with Lexi. Lexi would usually sing for her mother before she went to bed, not realizing she was pursuing her power. Her mother was also clueless.

One day her mother and father were fighting in the room next to her, and the child remembered how her mother usually calmed after hearing her. Being upset, all she could do was change the frequency of her song, and not lower the tonality. She accidentally hurt their ears. When her mother stoped her, she took her by the hand into the garden by their house. There she explained that she might have powers. Confused and upset, Lexi thought it was a bad thing until her mother showed her power as well.

From then on Lexi began to train Sith her mother until they got an invitation to Vale. Apparently her mother had gone their and called them when she had a chance. Being that she was still young, her mother accepted but told them the situation. After a few years had passed Lexi was finally on her way to the Institute.
Question: Is her mother taking care of her, or is Lexi the mom? I don't know at this point, because apparently she sings her mother to sleep.

If her mother has any knowledge whatsoever as an air mage, how does she not even remotely understand that her child could also have otherworldly magical powers?

"APPARENTLY HER MOTHER HAD GONE THEIR [sic]." What kind of person just seems to conveniently remember that they were given access to the best education the largest country in the world could possibly have to offer, or that they could have fought through some cultists' idea of hell to protect their planet?

Lexi is Darth Vader confirmed? I sure think so.

Other: Lexi loves to sing, and is often seen practicing. If you catch her though, she'll be really embarrassed.
This is not something of note.

We've said it many times before, and I'll say it again: you are absolutely, 100% completely free to ask us questions, get help, and get suggestions from other players. Or give up, if you're not a particularly stubborn person. We kind of like stubborn people.

@Foxrally, I'll be taking care of you personally.
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