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Patrick McCallion - S.S Libra II

The sailor man is walking along the deck of the ship as he could see Unova coming into view. He looks at his Machoke and smiles. 'We're here Machoke, Unova! This is a brand new land...It's so exciting!' (Ohh...wait I'm supposed to be role-playing Patrick... Well.) The sailor turns his head to see Patrick and Phanpy curled up in a ball sleeping. The sailor and Machoke laugh. He puts a blanket over the trainer and his Pokemon. 'Don't worry kid, just another hour to go.'

'WOW! I've never seen a Pokemon as mysterious as that before!' Patrick and Phanpy jump up. They turn to see the Sailor and Machoke in complete awe. 'Excuse me sir, did you see something?' Patrick asked curiously whilst rubbing his eyes. 'Kid you'd never believe it! This giant Pokemon jumped outta the water! It was pink, and looked really flat! But the unique quality I got was that it had hands for fins! I've never seen an exotic creature in all my life!' Patrick getting chills down his back, runs over to the railings and takes out his Pokedex and begins scanning the water. [NO POKEMON DATA ACQUIRED] the Pokedex said as Patrick seemed disappointed. Phanpy began tooting at the water in disgust.

Patrick and the sailor ran over to the baby elephant where they see a school of really ugly looking fish. 'Wow, those things are really ugly, what are they?' asked Patrick. The sailor was stunned once more. 'OH MY GOD!' I can't believe it! These are Feebas! This Pokemon is Ultra, Super, Commando, Mega Rare! If you find one of these boys in Hoenn, Sinnoh, Johto or Kanto, you are considered a Pokemon catching legend!' screamed the sailor. 'Huh? Really, what's so special about these things?' 'WHAT'S SO SPECIAL?!? If you make these things look as beautiful as you can they will evolve into the most beautiful Pokemon in the world! Milotic!' the sailor screamed once more, causing the Feebas to dive under the water and swim away. 'Milotic...Oh I've heard of those, really strong trainers have them, such as Cynthia Champion of Sinnoh and Wallace Champion of Hoenn!' Patrick said with a smile. 'Well, it looks like you missed your chance to have one.' The sailor looked back out and hung his head. 'Sigh...well, there that really Castelia City? It looks nothing like the pictures.'

The boat was pulling in closer to the docks. They seen the wreckage of the city, it was horrifying. 'Kid...make sure you keep'll be dangerous out here...' the sailor said to Patrick. Patrick looked at Phanpy and smiled then looked at the sailor. 'Sir, you've got nothing to worry about! I'm going to become a powerful trainer that will defeat every opponent in my way!' 'Well, me boy, I'd best be givin' ye this.' Both of them turned to see the Captain walking out towards Patrick. He pulls a pink CD out and hands it to Patrick. It had the number 92 on it. '92...' Patrick mumbled to himself. Phanpy looked up and was quite interested. 'It's a Techincal Machine. However, this ol' Sea Capp'n couldn't figure out what kinda move it is. Nor which type of Pokemon can use it.' Holding it in his hand he stares at it intently. He puts it in his backpack and tightens his scarf. 'Thank you for everything Captain. It's been a pleasure to be taken here. And also I love your Nosepass, it looked like in real good condition.' 'Yohoho! Me boy, ye be too kind. If we meet again, let's have us a battle. As a test of our manliness!' Patrick giggles and nods. 'Well, Nosepass will be pullin' us in to the docks now. Ye best be prepared!' With that Patrick and Phanpy stood ready at the side deck of the boat ready to set foot in Unova.
Role-Plays I'm in:

Patrick McCallion in Time and Space: Phanpy

Lucas McGuire in Pokemon Trainer's Academy: Aipom, Heracross, Aron

Lucas McGuire in Unova Masters: Tepig