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Randy Browns

'' Time to explore! Ahhh....feeling so much better!" So Randy go to explore the forest. "So I'm in the center forest, huh? where I fight those purple Kirbies from Insane." After exploring so much, he discovered something. There was a branch, just like in the center forest, written "Forest riverbank".

"So there's a forest riverbank here? Heh, wow, this river is pretty beautiful. But how I am gonna get trough it?" Randy had no idea. He tried to swim, but he sensed that the river was an ANGRY river and he tried to go by the rocks, but it didn't work, too much water to reach it.

" Wait...when I started my adventure, I heard someone making a noise jumping tree from tree. And in the center forest, I saw a Pokemon. I'm sure it was, but I'm not sure if it was a Lucario or not, but he was doing the same. Well, I'm gonna try it. Too bad I'm not a monkey."

So Randy climbed the huge tree, but before trying it, he said he should practice. "Uh, If I fail and fall, I'm gonna fail on my mission exploring the forest! I'm gonna train before I do it! " said Randy.

"OK, so here's my first try. 1...2....3...GO!!" Randy jumped tree from tree. " Wow, that's great !!" Jumped again, did it. but on the third, he wasn't lucky. "Whoa...aaaaaah!!! I-inflation" Randy didn't get hurt thanks to Inflation.

"Wait...why didn't I use Inflation from the start !!!! Uh, I may be an idiot sometimes!" So not only thanks to the Inflation ability Kirby has that Randy didn't get hurt, but it was also thanks to the Inflation ability that he got trough the angry river. Randy explored the forest and he thinks he completed his little goal, identified new enemies etc. but now is time for he to do the REAL goal. He must help Camelia. It's thanks to her that he has his powers!

"OK, I'm gonna do it for her. It's getting hot...wonder why...?" said Randy. He also tried to discover this problem. " Maybe there is a desert here this island? . I will try to go to the north of the forest. Maybe I'll find someone or enemies there." Randy noticed something. Oh, it was a clean little waterfall. " Right in time, I am thirsty...whew..." Randy drank water from the little waterfall.

"Oh, wanted to have something to carry water because if there's a desert, I'm done for! If only I could call Kirby's small ship...I would see everything! Wish Camelia was there to tell me why.."