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Just thought I'd make a clarification post here, since quite a few people are playing hacks lately. This has to do with the Ultimate challenge.

In the original rules, I said that only established hacks count towards the Ultimate Challenge. So for example, Shiny Gold, which recreates the Johto region in a Gen III mode.

The new, more inclusive, rule now is going to be this: Any hack that follows the same story will count (such as Blaze Black or Storm Silver). However, you can ONLY USE POKEMON THAT WOULD NORMALLY APPEAR IN THE ORIGINAL MAIN SERIES GAME!!!

So if you are playing on Storm Silver, which is a 493 hack with increased difficulty, but follows the story the same way, you can't be using an Arcanine or Donphan, both which are pretty easy to get in the hack but can't be found in the original SoulSilver game. You can only use Pokemon on your team that are found in a normal SoulSilver game, while following the locations as close as you can.

This new clarification will allow for some of the great 386/493/649 hacks to be included in the Ultimate Challenge while still keeping the spirit of the challenge in place, especially when compared to people who play the main series games.

All hacks are fine to play as stand alones if you want, there are no real restrictions on that.

Please, if you have any questions, ask! Either VM/PM me or post in this thread, and I will answer you as best as I can.
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