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!Welcome to the Extremespeed Challenge!

1. You must complete you selected game as fast as possible.
2. You can not hack in pokemon from other regions. You can hack in pokemon from the game your playings Dex. NO LEGENDARY POKEMON ALLOWED.
3. The game will be considered complete when:
R/B/Y/LG/FR [You defeat the Elite Four & defeat your rival]
G/S/C/HG/SS [You defeat the Elite Four & Champion]
R/S [You defeat the Elite Four & Champion]
E [You defeat the Elite Four & Champion]
B/W [ You defeat the Elite Four, N & Ghetsis]
B2/W2 [You defeat the Elite Four & Iris]
4. Hacks of any games are not allowed as they won't reflect a fair and noticeable time.
5. Here is the main rule, The speed button is allowed for emulators! However, do not use cheats to bring down your time, do not use rare candies max out your pokemon and just complete the game in a few hours and finally just generally be totally honest with yourselves.

You no longer have to beat any post game trainers, this includes champions mainly because it's about beating the main game and not any post game material! :D
These are the rules, If I think of anymore I will add them at a later date. From here it's time to start playing! So have fun, be fast and most of all DON'T CHEAT :D.

Hopelessangelic - Ruby
KoboraX - Black 2

Red: MattyJ [16_Hours 35_Minutes]
Fire Red: LMFAO. Word up [15_Hours 31_Minutes]
Leaf Green:
Gold: LMFAO. Word up [55_Hours 24_Minutes]
Crystal: Jbsundown [34_Hours 12_Minutes]
Emerald: LMFAO. Word up [20_Hours 06_Minutes]
Black 2:
White 2:
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