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I abide by rules I agree with and understand. I don't go out of my way to break rules I don't agree with or understand the purpose of, but I don't have them in mind and act with caution for when I should or shouldn't do something.

Socially, I do what I feel like. I generally don't conform to society's rules on social interaction. I'm the type of person who tends to break someone's personal bubble by getting a little too close sometimes in social interaction and who says things with random observations that people think are really weird. I ask questions when I'm wondering something without any shame in what I'm asking (Once I asked my manager if he could fire a coworker). I tend to act on urges or sudden desires, which makes me feel like I'm living life the way I should and kind of gives me a rush (though I don't do that recklessly). I'll sit on the ground if I feel the urge to sit on the ground. I am a free spirit!
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