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Favorite LoZ game: WindWaker
Triforce Section: Courage

What is your favorite character? Link obviously. Even tho he doesn't talk much in the games, he's just an ordinary boy who proves that he can beat even the most vile sorcerer if he has enough courage :D

What is your favorite instrument used in the games? Ocarina. The idea of it was pretty original

Who is your favorite partner? Midna, she was funny and she helped you along your quest

Who is your favorite incarnation of Link? Link I would say the one from Windwaker, he was just so cute and funny looking. As for Zelda, I would say the one in Twilight Princess.

Who was the hardest and easiest boss for you? The hardest was Ganon in Ocarina of Time and the easiest was Ganon in Windwaker.
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