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  • After beating Wake I chased after the Galactic Grunt and got the Secretpotion from Cynthia, did all the stuff in Celestic Town and got surf.
  • I then flew to Sandgem Town and surfed to route 221 where I caught Not A Tree the Sudowoodo, which I replaced the Onix I had with.
  • I grinded Not A Tree a few levels to get her up to the rest of my team and also grinded the last 2 levels out to make Tank #3 evolve into a Rhydon, FINALLY!
  • I then went to the move tutor to teach Not A Tree ice punch and Tank #3 Fire Punch, then I went to the move relearner and taught Not A Tree Wood Hammer.
  • I surfed over to Canalave and beat my rival, got HM 4 from Riley on Iron Island and finally took on Byron. Beat him pretty easily, Jude's Earthquake and Tank #3's Fire Punch and Hammer Arm, he never stood a chance.
  • Well now I got 6 badges and I saved the game before talking to my rival outside the library to play another day.



Level 40
Nature: Brave
Ability: Sturdy
Rock Blast
Rock Polish

Tank #3
Level 42
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Rock Head
Rock Blast
Take Down
Hammer Arm
Fire Punch

Level 40
Nature: Brave
Ability: Sturdy
Rock Tomb
Rock Smash
Stealth Rock

Not A Tree
Level 39
Nature: Adamant
Ability: Rock Head
Rock Slide
Faint Attack
Wood Hammer
Ice Punch

Numb Skull
Level 38
Nature: Jolly
Ability: Mold Breaker
Take Down
Zen Headbutt
Scary Face

Level 37
Nature: Modest
Ability: Magnet Pull
Rock Slide
Iron Defense
Magnet Bomb
Thunder Wave
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