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And by this, I mean other than when I want them to.

To be specific, I have an event that's essentially playing hide and seek. It's a single event that teleports to a different place on the map each time you find it. At one point, he disguises as a tree, which is the point where it starts to glitch. The screen darkens for a while like its supposed to, and while it's dark, I use the "Set Event Location" to give him a new hiding spot (and in the last 3 instances, change his graphic.) However, in the last 3 instances, he essentially attaches to my character. He does not turn and remains in the same relative location to the player. And he won't go away unless I leave the map or get close to where he's supposed to be.


Where he is originally (disguised as a tree)

It follows me.

This is his last appearance. He's supposed to disappear forever now.

But he becomes attched to me.

Attached, not following.

And note how he clips through impassable tiles.

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