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I know you said this was a shop, or sort of like one (I've yet to figure out what that means, exactly. I've assumed it's a PC-ism for request thread), but I'm not here for anything other than commentary, if you'd like.

I really like the style of your artwork. I sort of had an idea, looking at your avatar. Most people on this section of the forum draw their own avatar or signatures, so it's like a little preview of how someone prefers to illustrate.

The first two I think are rather nifty, the lineart may be cleaner in the second, but I actually like the rougher take of the first. I also like the face on the first picture. It's the teeth/tooth and the hair. Extra touches like that add a lot of charm. The only thing I'd say is the the first two pics seem a bit leggy? Bottom heavy? I dunno what the correct term would be, but imagine if you where to place these into a triangle pointing upwards. You'll see that from the base upward, things start to taper off a bit.

I really like what you did with the second picture. I'm kind of stupid when it comes to terminology of anything that's not video game production or animation production, so I really don't know what you'd call a work like that one. It looks like concept art, and I dig that roughness. I enjoy the color choice a lot, too. That's one of my favorite things to do, is to check out how people utilize color.

I like the last picture too. I'm confused about what's beyond the guy's nose. There's something right after it, what is that, I wonder? Haha, it must be something I'm just not seeing.

Overall, really nice style. It'll be interesting to see other things from you.

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