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Originally Posted by Captain Fabio View Post
Now we know the game is for the 3DS only, do you think this will cut down on the audience that can be targeted? The Pokemon games have always followed the trend of going onto a new handheld, but with the 3DS being the 'newest' console and some people not being able to afford it, do you think it will hurt the amount of people who can actually play the game?

Do you think that enough people have the 3DS? Do you think it is just how the games industry flows, going onto a new console? Do you think it is fair? What do you think of the lack of DS editions?
Come on: it's pokemon. The fact that it's heading to the 3DS will probably make a million and one people buy the 3DS, rather than cause fans to drop out. I know I'm going to. I've wanted a 3DS for a little while now, but the only game I seriously wanted was Kingdom Hearts 3D. Now that we have a sixth gen. of pokemon, I have an excuse to get one.

And, technically speaking, I think the Vita and Wii U are newer than the 3DS? ;3

Sadly, since I'm at school, I'm unable to view most of the videos and pictures relating to X and Y, so I really only see the starters and some overworld shots. (But, my God, these were announced hours ago and we already have an entire forum section for them? @_@)

The fact that this game already seems . . . so extremely different almost justifies it moving to the 3DS. In fact, I think it kind of does. Although, I'm not yet sure if that's necessarily a good thing. X.x


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