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Yesterday, we had a field trip at my school to the Museum of Tolerance. While there, we were led to a room filled with examples of prejudice. Among them were messenges against Muslims such as "Jehovah doesn't make us terrorists."

I didn't know if those anti-Muslim messenges were examples of intolerance or if they were genuine messenges promoting Christianity. I pointed out to the the tour guide that it seems like the Museum is making their religion look worse than Christianity. He replied "Well sometimes that's the case."

I couldn't tell if he was actually prejudice against Muslims or if I misunderstood what he meant. Near the end of the tour, we watched a video about today's problems with hate. Many problems were related to Islamic terrorism over their unacceptance to other ideas.

Finally I pointed out that throughout the tour, I didn't see anything about the difference between Muslims and terrorists. Terrorism and extremists exist in every belief, that the Muslim religion isn't an evil religion. My school principal (who happened to be in the same tour group as me) agreed and had a speech about how today's society isn't doing enough to clarify the difference between Muslims and terrorists. That the most conflict recently is Muslims against Muslims debating the methods and ideologies of actions for/against terrorism. Basically, he explained that we need to be accepting, and not to assume that any religion is a terrorist religion. Meanwhile, our tourguide remained silent.

I don't know if he was silent because my principal already explained, or if he's silent because he doesn't agree. What do you guys think? Could I be wrong about the tour guide's possible prejudice, do you think he was prejudice, if he is would he represent the Museum's morals or is it just his opinion?
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