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Originally Posted by karatekid552 View Post
Just an idea. Learn how to expand the number of ingame pokemon, but not the dex, to twice as many pokemon as you need. Then, take all of the new slots and duplicate every pokemon, or just the ones you want to make shadow. Then, recolor their regular sprite to shadow ones. Lastly, make them evolve into the regular form by the machine that purify's the pokemon.

For catching a shadow pokemon from a trainer, you would need to set it up so that when the battle begins, the changes that a catch trainer's pokemon gameshark code are applied. I don't know much about gameshark codes, but from what I understand, it's just modifying the ram which you can do in a script.

Thx so much!
However i dont get the "expand the number of ingame pokemon" Do you know any gd tutorials on how to change ingame data?