Thread: [Discussion] Straying From Canon?
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If your making a remake, to me, EVERYTHING MUST BE HOW IT WAS!
That goes from, adding new houses, new places, getting rid of pointless events, speech, battles, characters, wild pokemon.
I get pretty picky with this stuff.

If it's random appearence in games, I'd like them to have reasons, like Oak is in the ashrloai region because a new species of pokemon was discovered. Or something like that.

I kinda feel I'm rambling or have no idea what I'm on about, but I'll continue.

But as for Non-Canon things, the only one I like; Isn't a fan game, but a ROM hack, Pokémon Dark Violet. Everything is non canon, but it's pulled off in the most legit way, it makes it seem like it is Canon, and Pokemon Red/Blue and Yellow are Non-Canon.

In my game, I'm leaving other stories and region themes well enough alone, so I don't mess up Canon to Non-canony stuff, except when the game is done, and you can enter the PWT, do you see old characters.
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