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I was once a Light-type desirer too, like many Pokémon fans out there. Having looked into the origins of the Psychic-, Fighting-, and Dark-types however, I have come to believe that there will never be a 'Light-type'; and that there really shouldn't be one.

First off, we must begin with the addition of the Dark-type in Generation II. It is effectively known that it was done specifically as a foil to the Psychic- and Ghost-types, which had been virtually invincible in Generation I.

However, many have since complained that Dark-types need a Light-type to balance the situation, along with Psychic (which, in most logic, would be effective against 'Light'). I once shared this view. Indeed, the Psychic-Dark relationship can appear rather one-sided and polarized; if one doesn't think of the third type which completes the triad. Fighting-type.

In its original Japanese, the type which is given as 'Fighting' in English (and most translations) is 格闘 (かくとう) (kakutō): which can be translated as approximately 'to fight', 'to grapple', 'to battle'. Thus, 'Fighting' is a fair translation; but how does that make it appropriate as the third member of the Psychic-Dark type trio I hear you ask? I'm getting to it.

In Japan, there is a very long, ancient history of samurai, the warrior class of feudal Japan. The martial arts of Japan, as well as war, battle, and fighting in general are typically associated with samurai; as are honor, nobility, chivalry, and righteous. Understanding where I'm going yet? If not, don't worry, I'll explain further.

In some sense, the Fighting-type can be considered a sort of 'Hero-type'.

The Dark-type, in Japan, is called 悪 (あく) (aku): meaning literally 'evil' or 'wicked'. The Dark-type, therefore, could be dubbed a sort of 'Villain-type'. Get it yet?

The Psychic-type is a sort of mind-over-matter, magical, almost wizard-like type; the Fighting-type is a straight battling, martial-arts-wielding, hero-like type; the Dark-type is a brutal, unforgiving, shadowy, malicious, villain-like type. Psychic trumps Fighting because it's brain-over-brawn; Fighting trumps Dark because it's good beating evil; Dark trumps Psychic because it's underhanded tactics and chaos doing a number on restricted, calculated logic and reason. Dark beats Psychic almost the way that the Joker can outwit Batman in most cases, to use a non-Pokémon analogy: the Joker is ruthless, reckless, and completely insane, and thus, calm, calculating, intellectual Batman is unable to predict his moves. But Batman is also a bit of a powerhouse fighter, and so even though he can seldom predict the Joker's underhanded and vicious attacks, good wins against evil, and virtue triumphs over wickedness, etc., etc...

So, in short, there will never be a Light-type. Because there already is one. We just happen to call it the Fighting-type.