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These are just very general questions from someone who enjoys being on Pokecommunity but is not classed as a "Supporter".
I don't know much about being a Pokecommunity supporter, but those who are a supporter or not, I'd like the following questions to be answered.

Official questions:
If you have not donated, why not ?
If you have donated, why did you do so ?
Where do you feel your money goes ?
Why is there a tier system ?

I'll kick this topic off by asking my own questions.

Now I'm not trying to be-little Pokecommunity supporters, in the end it was your decision to donate any sum of money to the Pokecommunity forum, just as the same as it is another forum member's choice to not donate any money to the forum.
If I donated money to the would the forum benefit ?
I don't see any signs saying "Pokecommunity is going bankrupt, we need financial support for servers to be hosted" or "Pokecommunity is raising money for 'this charity' any donations are grateful etc."
I've chosen to not donate any money, because I don't feel that the forum NEEDs my money.

IF I did donate money to the forum, I would like it go towards the general maintenance of the forum and ensure that the server is up at all times.

What I don't understand however is why there is a tier system in the supporters. I mean surely if I gave £100 of my hard money through a donation, that would make me a better supporter than someone who has continually supported the growth and development of the forum itself with smaller donations ?
In that example, £100 may be nothing to me and I could be a very wealthy person, but the person who has worked really hard doing scripting,admin/mod work and been consistent with putting high quality work/effort to the forum should not be given equal recognition ?

Personally I don't feel there SHOULD be a tier system with supporters. Everyone puts in their 2 cents, works hard and makes the forum a happy and welcoming place to be.
Why should we belittle donations that are small when somebody worked hard to give the forum that money ?
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